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Research on vacuum blister packaging technology of ordnance maintenance equipment (Part 2)

v. blister packaging equipment selection

blister packaging machine the transparent plastic film "composite digital production system" SABIC forms a blister through cutting-edge technology and process or thin sheets, and seals the product between the blister and the base plate by heat sealing, bonding and other methods

blister packaging machinery and equipment mainly include blister forming machine and heat sealing machine. There are two heating methods of blister forming machine: hot air flow heating and thermal radiation heating. Among them, thermal radiation heating uses the radiant heat generated by the heater to heat the material, which has high heating efficiency. Molding methods can be divided into compression molding and suction molding. Blister molding is to make the softened film cling to the mold by vacuum, and the molding quality is good. According to different heat sealing methods, heat sealing machines can be divided into ordinary heat sealing, pulse heat sealing, ultrasonic heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing. High frequency heat sealing is to compress the heat sealing material with upper and lower electrodes and add high-frequency voltage. Because a part of the dielectric loss heat of ethane heat sealing material can be imported into the Middle East in previous years for heat sealing. Since the temperature of the sealing part is the highest, the material will not overheat and the sealing strength is high, so it can be used preferentially

after investigation, comparison and identification, blister packaging adopts automatic pulse voltage vacuum Blister molding machine, impulse cutting machine and high-frequency heat sealing machine whose output is the same frequency as the alternating load and whose pulse width is proportional to the error voltage

1. Automatic vacuum Blister molding machine

this machine is mainly suitable for PVC, PS, PP roll film or sheet, vacuum blister manufacturing various products. Such as food packaging containers, non food packaging containers and metal parts and other products. Now the machine is used to make plastic blisters to pack ordnance maintenance equipment. The working principle of this machine: the heated and softened plastic film or sheet is vacuum formed in the mold to become the required product. Working process: film feeding - heating - forming - plate splitting. Its characteristics are as follows:

① this machine adopts the combination of pneumatic, mechanical and electrical to realize the automatic continuous work of feeding, forming, shearing, etc., and can realize the adjustment of each program action in the working process without stopping the machine

② count feeding is adopted, and the feeding length is accurate and reliable. The feeding stroke is stepless adjusted, which can meet the needs of the user's mold layout and save materials

③ special chain with knife tip is used to transport film material, which is suitable for concave convex mold molding and works stably and reliably

④ the heater uses a new type of far-infrared heating element, with zoning temperature regulation and automatic temperature control system

⑤ with air cooling and spray devices, it can make the products mainly used in medical equipment, educational institutions, administrative buildings, shops, hotels and industrial facilities faster cooling and finalization

⑥ using mold water cooling can carry out mass continuous production

⑦ it has a cutting mechanism for dividing plates, and the length of the plate can be adjusted as needed

2. Gzr8000sd high-frequency plastic heat sealing machine

the principle of high-frequency heat sealing machine is to generate a high-frequency electric field with an electronic self-excited oscillator, and apply this high-frequency electric field to the electrode. Under the action of high-frequency electric field, the molecular structure of plastic will produce polarization phenomenon and generate heat by itself, so as to achieve the purpose of hot melting under the action of pressure. The equipment is used for heat sealing and packaging of 83 specifications of polyethylene (PVC) blisters. Its specifications include the following four: thickness of 0.18mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.60mm. Its technical parameters are as follows:

① power supply: 380V/220V/50Hz/three-phase/single-phase

② power consumption: ∠ 5KVA/8KVA/10KVA

③ oscillation power: 2.5kW/4kw/5kW

④ oscillation frequency: 27.12MHz/40.68MHZ ± 5%

⑤ heat sealing width: 0.1 ~ 1mm

⑥ heat sealing area: solid 75/200/240 (cm2)

⑦ heat sealing speed: less than 10 seconds

⑧ automatic time control: 0.5 ~ 10 seconds

⑨ pressure between electrodes: 150kg

3. High speed hydraulic gantry cutting machine

this machine is a new cutting machine developed by introducing foreign technology and absorbing, digesting and improving it. It is mainly used for forming and blanking of leather, plastic, nylon, paperboard, foam synthetic fiber and non-metallic materials. We mainly use it to cut the packaging materials of military maintenance equipment. Its characteristics are as follows:

① low noise, reducing noise pollution to the nearby environment

② the machine is equipped with a safety emergency brake device. In case of stuffy car, other faults or unexpected faults during cutting, press the emergency brake button, and the upper pressing plate will immediately rise to the original position. So as to protect the machine and personal safety

③ the tool mold setting is convenient, simple, labor-saving and accurate. No matter how high or low the tool mold is, it can be set in a few seconds. The setting of the cutting point has a fine-tuning device, which is labor-saving, easy and accurate, reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the production efficiency

④ stroke adjustment is easy. As long as the set time of the timer is turned, the stroke of MM can be obtained. When the time is set to 1 second, the stroke of the upper pressing plate is 90mm; When the time is set to 0.5 seconds, the travel of the upper pressing plate is 30mm, which is fast and has high output

⑤ the machine is equipped with an automatic counter. The output of each batch is clear at a glance. Press the button to count and automatically reset to zero. The second batch of workpieces start to work and automatically count, which is very labor-saving and accurate

⑥ small power consumption and large blanking force

⑦ the whole machine has a solid structure, and the upper pressing plate and workbench are made of high-quality steel

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