Research on ultra thick cutting technology of ther

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Research on wire EDM ultra thick cutting technology

wire EDM ultra thick cutting technology. This paper analyzes the root cause that it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the wire cutting process of ultra thick workpieces, and puts forward a set of methods to solve the problem of noise by putting a glass slide on the stage. On this basis, the existing WEDM machine tool is improved to realize the automatic middle break and automatic calibration of the moving beam: the system can automatically complete the calibration process of the indication accuracy: the experimental process, measurement Display, etc. are completed by the single-chip microcomputer limit protection: with program-controlled and mechanical two-level limit protection overload protection: when the load exceeds 3.5% of each gear value, ultra thick wire cutting processing is carried out, and relevant tests and analysis are carried out. In this process, a new type of electrode wire was also invented and preliminarily developed, tested and analyzed. Firstly, the principle and research status of WEDM large thickness cutting technology are analyzed, mainly analyzing the mechanism and characteristics of machining, and mastering the achievements of WEDM large thickness cutting technology at home and abroad. Then, based on the previous research on the large thickness cutting technology, the root causes of the current difficulties in cutting ultra thick workpieces are analyzed: (1) a large number of electroerosion products are difficult to be excluded from the narrow slit; (2) The electrode wire vibrates seriously under large span; (3) The improper selection of processing parameters leads to the cutting of ultra thick workpieces, although the wire they provide is not 100% environmentally friendly and cannot be carried out stably. Then, the research work is carried out according to the above three root causes. First of all, through a series of improvements to the existing WEDM machine tools, the appropriate tension mechanism is designed, the frequency converter of wire walking speed is installed, the electrode wire locator is installed, the fit between the guide wheel group and the wire rolling cylinder group is improved, a more perfect working fluid filtering device is designed, and then the high-performance water-based environmental protection WEDM working fluid is selected. It meets the requirements of the test. Finally, a large number of process experiments were carried out. The experimental content includes two aspects: first, under the condition of ultra thick cutting

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