The hottest policies promote industrial upgrading,

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4. Important matters

policies promote industrial upgrading, innovation and transformation, or become winners

officials of the national development and Reform Commission currently said that they would reform the drug pricing mechanism from four aspects, mainly replacing the maximum retail price with the payment guidance price, introducing pharmacoeconomics and international price comparison, negotiation and pricing mechanisms, and encouraging R & D innovation (including first generic, export, through generic drug consistency evaluation, and quality advantage). Those who are so cost-effective, innovative and high-quality are expected to become winners, and they are optimistic about the import substitution space of domestic drugs for a long time. Benefit Hengrui pharmaceutical, Huadong pharmaceutical, xinlitai, Hanyu pharmaceutical, HISCO and Shuanglu pharmaceutical, which have the first imitation and innovation ability. At the same time, benefit China Central Finance will support the pilot construction of transformation and upgrading enterprises with international first-class preparation production and export mainstream market capabilities such as haipharm and Haizheng pharmaceutical

superconducting materials, graphene, liquid metal and other innovations subdivided by new materials are the source of life of special chemical enterprises in five industries

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