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Australia affects marine life Australia marvels: Chinese scenic spots replace physical tickets with face recognition

on May 28, according to foreign media reports, following France's rapid catch-up in the field of artificial intelligence, Australian business TEG is now taking advantage of the technological advantages of China and the United States to bring new technologies and applications into its own country. TEG also told foreign media that it is very common to rely on face recognition technology to enter China

foreign media financial review reported that TEG, which is in charge of ticket sales, entertainment and data analysis, has cooperated with China's Yongle company in ticket business, and the two sides have established a joint venture

Matt Cudworth, chief technology officer of TEG, said that in less than five years, visitors to the event will no longer need to enter with tickets, and the implementation of security checks will mainly rely on facial recognition technology. He also told Australian media that biometric security systems have become commonplace in Chinese venues and scenic spots

according to foreign media reports, in April, China's facial recognition technology has been able to find a fugitive among nearly 60000 people in Nanchang International Sports Center, which will inevitably produce some dust in the experimental process. From the perspective of security, large-scale events may require some form of face recognition system. TEG will not be the owner of this technology, but it is a key participant

ticketek is working on a "identity recognition" project plan, and is trying to let people use it through the revolving door in various ways. From physical tickets to digital tickets is a big change. Matching tickets with the right people requires strong technical capabilities. Matt Cudworth said that in view of this, "digital identity authentication" and near-field communication functions will soon be available to the market

incorporate American technology for technology integration

earlier this month, ticketek released a Facebook Messenger chat robot, which will be integrated with Google home and Amazon Alexa, which will enable viewers to buy tickets through these voice assistants

ticketek's innovations are driven by its internal digital transformation. Three years ago, the company migrated its system to Amazon cloud services. It is said that Neijiang Jiangnan industrial concentration area has rich element resources department in the development of aluminum based new material industry. This transformation is called "ticketek ignition". This process includes turning to API architecture and treating it suppliers as partners. "We do this to open up our platform and our way of thinking, and our goal is to bring innovation through integration." Matt Cudworth said

The ticketek ignition project has increased the technical team of the company by at least 50% in just three years. It is worth mentioning that the business also adopts technologies from Cisco appdynamics, mongodb and Dell boomi

cudworth said that "digital transformation" means that its transformation journey will never end. However, he said that the next stage of digitalization of ticketing companies will focus on data analysis, and mini will become larger. Without the digital transformation so far, it would be impossible to deal with such a large-scale event as the recent Commonwealth Games

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