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Fujian: Policy dividends accelerate the development of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles

at the beginning of the new year, another batch of new energy buses were put into use in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Fujian is actively deploying new energy buses to replace traditional fuel buses

fengzhenxiu, director of Fujian Provincial Transportation Administration Bureau, told China News Service on the 2nd that 3720 new energy buses had been signed with public transport procurement contracts in 2017, striving to take the lead in realizing the full electrification of public transport in the country before 2020

Fujian is the first national ecological civilization pilot area in China. Lin Jie, Deputy Secretary General of the Fujian provincial government, believes that after years of efforts, the support system for Fujian's new energy industry has basically taken shape; Promoting the development of new energy automobile industry not only promotes the transformation and upgrading of Fujian automobile industry, but also an important field of Fujian Ecological civilization construction

in 2017, Fujian authorities concentrated on the field of new energy vehicles, and successively issued the "development plan of new energy vehicle industry in Fujian Province ()" and the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in the province to promote industrial development", becoming the first province in China to issue provincial-level new energy vehicle policies

it can be seen from the above plan that Fujian will continue to expand the application scale of new energy vehicles in the field of public services, encourage public institutions and private consumers to purchase and use new energy vehicles, and plan to promote 350000 new energy vehicles by 2020

at present, Fujian has formed a multi variety and full series of new energy vehicle vehicles, parts and supporting systems. Key products such as new energy buses and power batteries are at the forefront of the country, with a capacity of 150000 new energy vehicles, and a good foundation for industrial development

Ling Yuzhang believes that from finished vehicles to power batteries, powertrain and new materials, Fujian's new energy automobile industry not only has a complete chain, but also has a high comprehensive competitiveness

the relevant person in charge of Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission pointed out that Fujian will focus on promoting 90 new energy vehicle industry projects, with a total investment of 113.9 billion yuan

among them, the purchase price of steel pipe scrap in Tianjin will be reduced by 40 yuan/ton in 2018 for the 40000 vehicles/year southeast automobile project; Guangxi Wuzhou Yongda scrap purchase price fell by 20 yuan/ton; Anhui Lixin special steel scrap procurement fell by 20 yuan/ton and will start construction in half a year; Fujian Benz new energy vehicle project will form a production capacity of 120000 vehicles; Xiamen Jinlong Longhai base phase I 20000 new energy vehicles strive to find and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the use of users in a timely manner. The passenger car relocation project is accelerating the construction

opening up and cooperation is also one of the advantages of the rapid development of Fujian's new energy vehicle industry. Ling Yuzhang said that Fujian is the core area of the "21st century Maritime Silk Road". With the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Fujian's new energy vehicle industry has ushered in a major opportunity to "go global"

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