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Policy changes to improve the coordinated development of foreign trade in machine tool industry

in order to implement the scientific concept of development, actively change the mode of economic growth, further coordinate international economic and trade relations, and promote the coordinated development of foreign trade, the state has recently issued a series of import and export trade policies, such as the catalogue of prohibited goods in processing trade, the catalogue of encouraged imported technologies and products, and the administrative measures for government procurement of imported products. At the same time, in order to accelerate the reform of the collection and management system, further enhance the collection and management capacity, and improve the efficiency of customs management, the General Administration of Customs has formulated the measures for the classified management of Customs enterprises, and announced the customs' decisions on the classification of import and export commodities

energy conservation and emission reduction, promote environmental protection, and prohibit 2 The accuracy of the testing machine should be ± 1%. Some processing trade brake pad materials have experienced the export of commodities from asbestos to semi-metallic materials. In order to optimize the structure of China's export commodities, curb the export of high pollution and high environmental risk commodities, and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, on April 5, 2008, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued announcement No. 22 of 2008, announcing the catalogue of Prohibited Commodities in processing trade in 2008

a total of five commodities in the machine tool industry continue to be listed in the catalogue of prohibited exports, that is, corundum rock, natural corundum sand and other natural abrasives, brown corundum, and other artificial corundum industries will face differentiation, silicon carbide and boron carbide

with the formulation of the energy and environment development strategy, the international community is increasingly demanding that countries undertake the obligation of energy conservation and emission reduction. The prohibited and restricted categories will still be dynamically adjusted, and the threshold of processing trade will be higher and higher. Huaxia mould said that industry enterprises should increase investment in technological transformation, eliminate low-end products with low technological level, backward production technology and easy to cause trade friction, and develop products with high-tech content, high added value and high-tech content. And the concept of environmental protection throughout the entire production and processing process

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