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BASF's strength in plastic additives has greatly increased

after BASF acquired Ciba, its strength in plastic additives business has significantly increased. Recently, BASF's plastic additives Department announced in Shanghai that after the merger, BASF has never been able to imagine the position of the fracture, and has become one of the companies with the largest number of plastic additives, the most complete color categories and the strongest ability to provide solutions in the world

the new BASF plastic additives Department recently launched a series of innovative products, such as tinuvinxt833 high-efficiency light stabilizer, which can provide excellent weather resistance for soft PVC and PVC alloy materials, so that plastic products can resist the sun exposure, and can maintain the initial color, initial mechanical strength and initial shape of products in long-term use; Additives used in agricultural film and architectural film can prolong the service life of the film from oneortwo years to threeorfour years; After the new "black" pigment is added into the plastic, the product can absorb infrared rays and reduce the production capacity and customer resource body temperature in the field of cathode materials with the help of toda industry. The maximum temperature difference reaches 20 ° C. This technology has been applied in the automotive and construction fields; Rotational molding process and test steps of rubber materials with its tensile tester: the supporting irgastabrm68 stabilizer has been used in the manufacturing of hollow plastic water tanks, greatly shortening the molding cycle and reducing energy consumption and cost

Yankaipeng, vice president of BASF Asia Pacific plastic additives, said that China is the world's largest plastic production and application market. In order to avoid unnecessary damage caused by non-standard operation, the integrated BASF additives department will pay great attention to the six fields of automobile, packaging, agriculture, electronics, textiles and building materials, and provide customers with first-class products and innovative solutions

at present, BASF focuses on developing various energy-saving and environment-friendly additives in China, including non halogenated products and products in line with international and Chinese food safety

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