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Structural design scheme of hard disk packaging outer packaging box (Part I)

I. market status of hard disk packaging

the outer packaging box of hard disk packaging is made of corrugated folding cartons, and the main difference lies in the lining. At present, the common materials in the market include pearl cotton, pulp molding and anti-static bubble bags. With the advocacy and development of "green packaging", decomposable and recyclable materials are used as much as possible in packaging materials, among which paper packaging has a certain development prospect

at present, the use of paper packaging products has become a trend. The output of paper and paperboard increases year by year and can be automatically returned after the experiment; Long, packaging paper and paperboard account for more than 50% of the total output of paper and paperboard in China. The per capita consumption of paper has become an important international symbol to measure a country's economic development level and social civilization. In the process of packaging hard disks with cartons, there are the following situations:

1. The overall coordination between hard disk packaging and hard disk - the overall coordination between small packaging and hard disk to optimize materials, optimize structure, greatly reduce weight and reduce cost. For hard disks, on the premise of not affecting their characteristics, the vulnerable parts and vulnerable parts of the hard disk body should be reduced, and the necessary padding should be met when packaging hard disks

2. Selection of hard disk packaging materials and containers - in the process of hard disk packaging, attention should be paid to saving and reducing the packaging cost to avoid "excessive packaging". The selection of packaging materials should be based on the actual situation and reasonable material selection. It is required to ensure the protection function of the packaging and save costs. In each link of hard disk packaging: the selection of packaging materials, the design and production of packaging containers (especially structural design), the selection of packaging technology and methods, the implementation of packaging process, the design and implementation of collective packaging and transportation packaging, etc., reasonable choices should be made according to the specific nature and protective requirements of hard disk to protect the quality of hard disk to the greatest extent

II. The structural design scheme of the first version

1. design principle of packaging structure

hard disk will be affected by various factors in the circulation process, which may affect the quality of hard disk and make it lose its due use value. Therefore, the designed packaging must have the function of protecting the hard disk; At the same time, it must also have convenient functions and economy in circulation, transportation and sales. To meet the requirements of businesses and consumers. The product contained in the package is a hard disk, which is a precision and vulnerable product. According to the structural shape of the hard disk, it can be packed with the same rectangular liner. The internal structure must have the functions of shockproof and impact resistance. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the rational use of the internal space of the package and the structural stability of the package

2. packaging structure design scheme

① PC hard disk packaging structure design scheme I internal press pillow type lining structure

as shown in Figure 1, the structure adopts E-type corrugated cardboard, which forms a positive press sealing structure through continuous internal or external folding of the cardboard, and then a cushion structure suitable for the size of the hard disk is cut on the surface of the formed lining to fix the product and protect the product from vibration during transportation and handling Damage caused by collision. It is similar to the traditional liner principle, but this structure uses the folding of the paperboard to firm the product, which is beautiful, with small consumption of consumables and raw materials. In addition, the structure takes up less space after forming, saving packaging materials: large deformation can gradually return to the requirements of higher stiffness and compressive strength of the paperboard. The packaging lining adopts the directly inserted locking folding carton, which is reconstructed by extending the inserted swing wing structure at the end face of the disc folding carton structure

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