The strong development of the hottest coatings dri

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The strong development of coatings drives the growth of raw material industry

the strong development of coatings drives the growth of raw material industry

March 2, 2004

according to relevant data, the total output of coatings in China reached about 2.4 million tons in 2003, and it is expected to reach 2.6 million tons in 2004. With the rapid growth of output and the vigorous improvement of product structure, China's coatings will take water-based coatings, powder coatings and solvent-free coatings as the mainstream of development, accelerate the progress towards the goal of high-grade, and drive the accelerated development of raw materials

titanium dioxide in 2003, the total production capacity of titanium dioxide increased rapidly, both production and sales flourished, and the economic benefits increased steadily. According to the statistics of 30 enterprises that paid attention to cleaning the contact parts from January to October 2003, the output was 250000 tons and the export was 47000 tons. The output of rutile titanium dioxide is

70000 tons. The total sales revenue was 2.7 billion yuan and the profit was 150million yuan. It is estimated that "without transformation and upgrading, the output of titanium dioxide will reach 400000 tons in 2004, and the imported titanium dioxide (more than 80% of which is rutile type) 200000 tons

affected by the rising price of titanium dioxide in the international market, domestic rutile titanium dioxide users turned to domestic

rutile titanium dioxide, resulting in domestic rutile titanium dioxide in short supply for a certain period of time. The price rose by 1000 ~

2000 yuan/ton, and the sales of anatase titanium dioxide were relatively stable. It is estimated that the national demand for titanium dioxide in the future will be 75

million ~ 800000 tons

in recent years, China's epoxy resin market demand has grown strongly, with an average annual increase of 17%. However, the domestic self-sufficiency rate is only 6. The industrial production of Johnson & Johnson graphene composite nylon, polyester and spandex has been realized. According to the requirements of the Convention, about% of the products need to be imported

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