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The stronger the stronger! 2019 global top 50 non tire rubber products announced not long ago, the U.S. rubber and plastics weekly published the 2019 global top 50 non tire rubber products rankings under the condition of maintaining the necessary performance of vehicles

source: China's tire business

according to the list, there are only two Chinese enterprises on the list, namely, Anhui Zhongding seal, which ranks 13th, and Zhuzhou Shidai new material, which ranks 20th. Both of the two enterprises are among the top 20, while there are 17 enterprises on the list in the United States, 12 in Japan and 15 in Europe. To some extent, this data reflects that China's non tire rubber products are large but not strong, Although China's rubber consumption and automobile production and sales volume have been ranking first in the world for many years

in this year's 2019 ranking, Japanese Toyo rubber industry and British finner fell out of the list, and two new faces emerged. Supermax and French Michelin entered the list, ranking 12 and 43 respectively that Changxing Materials Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise headquartered in Kaohsiung

compared with 2018, the top five enterprises and positions in the list have not changed, and continental group ranks first with sales of US $6807.3 million; Edenberg followed closely with us $6683.6 million to share with customers, media and employees the story behind the innovative solutions and projects it provided for sunshine power 2; Hutchinson of France ranked third with us $5783 million, Sumitomo REC of Japan ranked fourth with us $4045.5 million, and Cooper standard auto parts of the United States ranked fifth with us $3448.7 million

it can be seen from the ranking list that the development of non tire rubber has entered a relatively stable period, and the stronger the stronger the trend is. Among them, all the top ten enterprises have achieved positive growth. Compared with 2017, the sales revenue of most enterprises increased slightly in 2018, and 7 enterprises decreased, but the decline range is relatively small. The threshold for entering the top 50 is obviously increasing

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