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Most attics are inclined or triangular roofs. How to decorate the attic will also be a problem that everyone will pay more attention to. In fact, when designing the decoration of the attic, you can make use of its unique architectural structure to make an article, give full play to your imagination, make full use of the floor height and irregular shape, and make the decoration design diversified. Next, Xiaobian will introduce how to decorate the attic and the precautions for attic decoration

how to decorate attic ---- Design of attic

attic decoration is very popular in recent years, especially the decoration of small attics is very popular with some young people. So how to decorate the attic? In the eyes of the owners, the shortcomings of the penthouse are quite obvious: irregular space and short space; But in the eyes of designers, these shortcomings are exactly where its charm lies. Once these “ Disadvantages ”, Its spatial changes will be more abundant. But the principle of design and construction is: never damage the original structure of the attic, ventilation, lighting, waterproof, heat insulation, these designs can not be ignored. So design is critical

how to decorate the attic ---- to ensure the safety of the attic

the attic on the slope top is absolutely not allowed to cast-in-place floors, which will become a fixed structure and belong to a typical illegal building. If the developer has built a floor, there is no need to worry about this problem. If it wants to add, it has to consider how to bear and bear the load without changing the original structure, and how to use the steel structure? Otherwise, it means that you have installed a “ Bombs ”. To reduce noise, it is best to lay floor tiles, add a layer of steel plate on the steel structure, and lay cement sand after hanging wire mesh, and then lay floor tiles on it. This kind of floor has better sound insulation effect and is much stronger

the attic floor with good comfort is generally designed as a platform, the top treatment is decorated with natural wooden materials, and the spacing is made of wood, wood, bookcase, wardrobe and glass. Ventilation is the most important problem that should be paid attention to in the attic on the slope top, because there is no door, the window is small, and the air convection is not smooth, so it is necessary to install not only air conditioners, but also ventilation equipment, such as installing exhaust fans, which can further improve the ventilation condition, and complex air supply equipment, such as fresh air system

how to decorate the attic ---- heat insulation and waterproof

if the attic wants to design a bar, bathroom or bathroom, the water supply and drainage should be considered in advance. Generally speaking, the attic of the villa will reserve water supply and drainage, as long as it is carefully connected. But most attics don't have these, so they need to be designed and transformed in advance, and waterproof design is essential. The roof and skylight of the attic should be carefully waterproof. The waterproof of the bathroom should be done twice, and the ground should be waterproof and 30cm away from the wall. In addition, 48 hours of “ Closed water ” If there is no wet mark on the ceiling, it passes the test. Otherwise, the waterproof layer needs to be redone, and the place where water leakage is most likely is the floor drain. It should be noted that if the position of water supply is changed, the position of water supply must also be changed at the same time, and it needs to be constructed by professionals in strict accordance with the design drawings

the attic is a special indoor space in the whole home decoration design. Usually, the attic is low and irregular, so it needs to be considered comprehensively in the design process. For example, the staircase entrance should not be designed under the inclined roof, and the triangular area at the junction of the wall and the floor can be placed with open shelves to make a storage space, etc

how to decorate the attic ---- suitable for type and style

as long as it is this kind of inclined roof attic, no matter what ventilation system is used, I gently and firmly advise the owner not to make a bedroom. Of course, it's OK to occasionally come to the house as a guest bedroom, because the unventilated space does great harm to people in sleep

the best use of this attic is a study, reception room, chess and card room, leisure room or multi-function space, not even a bathroom and kitchen. Based on the lighting conditions of the attic, it is not suitable to use too deep colors, but simple and lively colors will make the space bright, such as white, bright yellow, etc. Spires, slopes and irregular architectural features should be used to reflect more spatial creativity. A small attic might as well take a warm route, with soft fabric sofas and warm carpets. Because the attic is relatively independent, the style of the attic can be very different from the style of the whole room, such as Chinese style + modern, classical + pastoral. Entering such an attic will make people feel unique

II. Precautions for attic decoration

1. Attic decoration should consider the premise that it does not affect the original structure of the house. For example, the beams and load-bearing columns in the house should be reasonably used as much as possible to avoid damage

2. If you want to increase the top floor of the attic, you need to meet the conditions that the house must have sufficient floor height. Generally speaking, the lower edge of the floor slab of the new penthouse of the duplex room is level with the lower edge of the floor slab of the original floor. The lower edge of the single storey attic floor shall not be less than 2.6 meters. The internal clear height of the attic floor and roof shall not be less than 2.4m, and the minimum shall not be less than 2.2m. This is based on the premise that people live. If your attic is uninhabited, you can decide the height at will

3. Load bearing and mute should be considered for the attic floor. In order to reduce the load-bearing of the interlayer, it is recommended not to lay floor tiles on the ground, because the ground should be leveled with cement mortar before laying floor tiles, which will increase the load-bearing of the interlayer. You can choose to lay composite or solid wood floors. At the same time, the attic floor needs to consider mute, and it is best to choose the floor material with good sound insulation effect

editor's summary: This is how to decorate the attic and the precautions for attic decoration. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about how to decorate the attic, you can pay attention to the information





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