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Why choose mesa? Mesa not only has more than 15 years of high-end door and window operation experience, but also is the largest suspended symbiotic window screen integrated door and window finished product base in China

WHY MESSEA? (why choose MESA)

more than 15 years of high-end door and window operation experience

the largest suspension symbiotic window screen integrated door and window finished product base in China

serves China, Asia, Europe and Southeast Asian countries

provides localized and personalized products and services

shorter delivery cycle, higher after-sales efficiency

professional door and window design, understands doors and windows, understands you better

understanding windows and doors & Doors

you may be used to traditional doors and windows, but it is not easy to use

light perception:

usually, the south window provides the maximum amount of light throughout the year. Natural light entering through doors and windows provides most of the lighting needed in daily life. At the same time, sunbathing is conducive to human physical and mental health, but the amount of light entering in different positions can be effectively solved through door and window type design and glass matching.

noise waves:

doors and windows, as the communication channel of indoor and outdoor environment built, bear multiple functions such as lighting and sound insulation, while life usually does not need too much external sound transmission, Mesa attaches great importance to this function in door and window materials, glass configuration and notch design. Compared with traditional doors and windows, it can effectively reduce the sound transmission efficiency

original design - sealant strip

waterproof immersion? Noise prevention? Dust proof? We found that using EPDM rubber strips and properly setting the hollow rubber strips according to the mechanical engineering principle of doors and windows can effectively improve the tightness of doors and windows

original design - profile cavity

the transmission of cold and hot air and sound should be handled at the opening and closing gap of doors and windows, and the profile of doors and windows should not be careless. According to the principle of remote transmission of heat and sound and barrier attenuation, we intend to build a multi cavity structure in the metal part, increase the transmission distance and set transmission barriers, so that the external environment will no longer test you in the room

original design - window screen integration

in many years of experience in the research and development of doors and windows, many customers have proposed whether the doors and windows can be equipped with mosquito and insect prevention and safety protection functions, so as to improve the convenience of ordering and construction of doors and windows. After a year of research and development and trial production, we finally overcome the structural problem of the perfect combination of doors and windows and gauze. Five years ago, we first put it into the market in the industry. Now it is more perfect and moving

original design - suspension symbiosis

the traditional wood aluminum combination is not strong enough, but the problem of wood tension release is avoided. In line with the concept of "having both fish and bear's paw", we pursue the firmness of the combination and solve the problem of tension release at the same time, so after years of hard exploration, we finally formed a "suspension symbiosis" structure, realizing the perfect product we and the majority of consumers want

original design - reinforced corner code

in order to make the corner connection of doors and windows more solid, we specially designed the reinforced corner code in line with our own profile, The reinforced corner code with a wall thickness of 3.0mm is equipped with three k points (anchors) horizontally and vertically, which is the most conservative strengthening method in the industry at present.

original design - group corner code nails

traditional wood aluminum doors and windows, because of the process or cost problems, generally do not set reinforcement devices at the wood corner, so long-term use will usually cause the gap at the wood joint to gradually crack, affecting the visual effect. During the design, we specially discussed the wood joint reinforcement device - set of corner code nails. Through the wavy metal code nails, the wood on both sides is tightly pulled together, and matched with the strengthened corner code, so that the combination of wood is extremely stable.

original design -r arc decoration

in the 15 years of research and development and design experience of doors and windows, we deeply feel that doors and windows should not only appear as a functional carrier, At the same time, it should also meet the aesthetic needs of customers, which is as important as functionality, but it is not suitable to dominate. Therefore, we add "R-arc decoration" in some necessary places to better meet the indoor decoration style

original design - corner seat

traditional doors and windows are generally directly spliced at the corners, and we do not do too much treatment at the transfer gap. We find that if we do not pay attention to it, it is easy to have the problem of lax closure, At the same time, the whole cavity is relatively loose. Therefore, we have specially developed a corner seat that perfectly matches the corner cavity. The whole system is very stable and sealed, and strict requirements are still made in invisible places

suspension symbiosis

global exclusive patent

the most scientific and reasonable wood aluminum combination solution

is unbreakable, durable

window screen integration

global exclusive patent

combines window screens perfectly for the first time, Further improve the functionality of traditional doors and windows

industry innovation, subversion

safety handle


copper wire drawing bullet safety handle

focuses on the R & D and production brand of the handle, surpasses the European standard safety performance

unique handle shape, strong sense of design and visual impact, Add luster to high-end doors and windows

comprehensive hardware

roto, Germany

the world's No. 1 comprehensive door and window hardware supply brand

integrates invention patents of various opening methods, and ten-year quality assurance

recognized "heavy door and window" hardware, Standard hardware configuration of high-end doors and windows

intelligent lock

Iseo super class a safety intelligent lock imported from Italy

adopts European standard 304 stainless steel and European standard carbonized steel, which can effectively prevent violent removal

it has the functions of security level setting, intelligent opening, batch authorization, user increase and decrease, background recording of access data and so on

hot pressing

silicon magnesium aluminum alloy extrusion, Higher firmness level

drafting unit of national aluminum alloy industry standard, high-level quality requirements

metal process

static electricity, fluorocarbon spraying, champagne electrophoresis, wood grain transfer printing, copper imitation treatment

enterprise level independent and exclusive aluminum alloy surface processing line, fully ensuring exclusive customization

using nippon Tiger and other international well-known brands powder

paint water process

three bottom and two surface environmental protection water-based paint

has excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion and mold proof effects

excellent paint film protection function

exclusive wire drawing process, highlights the landscape pattern

North American Red Oak

respect ・ suspension symbiosis standard wood

selected North American Appalachian red oak

landscape pattern is rough, thick and atmospheric, With good hardness stability ratio

it can be called "North American business card"

South Asian chestnut

Zhishang · suspension symbiosis standard timber

selected South Asian chestnut

has coarse patterns and is more atmospheric

has a warm temperament, and its quality is like jade

optional wood

black beard peach

Myanmar teak

Brazil pear

South Asian acid twig




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