Decoration design of living room balcony

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Most living room balcony spaces are relatively petite. How to better match the effect of living room balcony to make it more coordinated with the whole home space? Of course, it is matched with the wall color and furniture design in the living room to reflect the overall integration. How to design the decoration of living room balcony? The following editor introduces the decoration design of the living room balcony

I. decoration design of living room balcony

all facilities and space arrangements of the balcony should be practical, and pay attention to safety and health. The area of the balcony is generally small, about 35 square meters. People not only have to move, but also plant flowers and plants, and sometimes stack sundries. If it is not arranged properly, it will cause chaos and crowding. The balcony with narrow area should not be arranged too much, and try to save space to meet the main functions. The beauty of the balcony now shows its vitality in contact with nature, which makes people feel the aesthetic enjoyment that ordinary indoor people can't get. Some potted flowers and trees can be cultivated in the balcony, which can be viewed and shaded. The closed balcony can be installed with aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows along the opening of the balcony, which can be decorated into a place with specific functions, such as a greenhouse, dedicated to planting flowers and plants, or a study, bedroom, etc

second, the living room balcony decoration should pay attention to waterproof

there are only two keys to the hard decoration of the balcony: the first is waterproof, and the second is waterproof. The first waterproof refers to the waterproof of balcony windows. In the south, the construction technology of balcony windows is often the key to whether your family can survive the typhoon season. Balcony window waterproof, first of all, we should pay attention to the quality of the window, the sealing is good. Make no mistake about the inside and outside of the waterproof frame. If your balcony has no windows at all, or the waterproof of your balcony window is not good, then it's the second waterproof line

the second waterproof refers to the waterproof of balcony floor. The waterproof of balcony ground, the first is to ensure that the ground has a slope. The lower side is the drain. The second is to ensure that the balcony and living room have a height difference of at least 2-3 cm

the relevant information about the decoration of the living room balcony is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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