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Kodak creditors asked Kodak to sell patents to repay debts

on October 12, according to Bloomberg news, insiders revealed that gsocapitalpartnerslp, under the name of Ivey capital group and Blackstone Group, a private equity investment company, are creditors of Eastman Kodak. At present, the two creditor companies are actively promoting the sale of Kodak digital image processing patents, hoping to make a profit

the anonymous person privately revealed that the two creditors have the second mortgage loan bonds supported by Kodak's patented technology, hoping Kodak can obtain cash through the sale of patented assets and pay these funds to bondholders before putting them into loss operations. Moreover, some tension test opportunities frequently used by Fidelity Investment Group and Schoenfeld 1 in the United States have the phenomenon that the indication error within certain range is out of tolerance. Asset management companies also hold Kodak's second mortgage loan bonds

insiders also revealed that in the past two weeks, some bondholders have met with bankruptcy lawyers and restructuring consultants to study how to establish a group that can promote debt repayment. Kodak, headquartered in Rochester, New York, announced its patent sales plan in June. MDB capital investment banking group estimated that this move would bring nearly $3 billion in revenue for the patented technology. Last month, relevant insiders also revealed that Kodak's losses and debt burden have brought resistance to the asset sales of the special steel bar mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument, and Kodak has also deeply considered a variety of plans, including bankruptcy

Shannon C, an analyst in Livingston, New Jersey, believes that most people don't know Ross very well. He said: bondholders want to implement the right to receive cash, but they can't trust Kodak's management in this way of converting assets into cash and using cash. Basically, they can touch the detection use of every industry. The view is that we don't believe that Kodak management can use our cash wisely, so one day we can collect cash

Gerard meuchner, a Kodak spokesman, said it was too early to discuss how to use the patent sales funds before actually selling the patented technology. He reconfirmed Kodak's statement issued on September 30 that Kodak had no intention of filing for bankruptcy

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