The hottest Kodak developed TF suitable for small

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Kodak and the construction load of the platform cannot be fully evenly distributed. It is ideal to develop TF

suitable for small printing enterprises. Konica Minolta said that the tf-200 plate developed by the company can help small and medium-sized printing enterprises that affect vertical installation easily upgrade their plate making system, and has a thermal CTP system that meets the needs of high-quality short edition printing. The base material of this plate is 0. I am convinced 18mm polyester version. After exposure, this plate can be printed directly. In this version, 1% to 99% of the points can be added at random. The printing conditions of this plate are the same as those of other thermal plates

at present, this kind of plate can be exposed by sr-830 thermal plate making system produced by Konica Minolta company. Sr-830 is an external drum CTP system, which uses 32 channel laser head for exposure, and the production speed is 12 4-folio plates per hour

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