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Knowledge of ink drying speed and cleaning

the drying speed of ink is greatly affected by paper, because ink is mainly used for paper printing, mainly by infiltration drying. When the ink dries slowly, the substrate with loose paper fibers can be selected to speed up the penetration speed and make the ink dry quickly, and vice versa. When the substrate is certain, the ink with moderate drying speed should be selected. Generally speaking, the higher the content of lotion resin in the ink, the faster the drying. Ink mixed with a small amount of solvents, such as ethanol, isopropanol, propylene glycol monomethyl ether, can also make the ink dry quickly. In terms of the adjustment of printing conditions, it can be considered to add a batch of world-wide difficulties, such as breaking through the drying temperature, reducing the printing speed, and reducing the printing viscosity to make the drying sufficient. Maintaining the temperature and humidity of the printing environment also has a certain impact on the drying speed

in terms of cleaning, if the ink dries faster, taking graphite as an example, it is relatively difficult to clean. It is best to clean as soon as possible and pay attention to avoiding water. It is assumed that the cleaning will be carried out only after the ink is completely dry at a low temperature. At this time, the cleaning will become very difficult. For cleaning, propylene glycol monomethyl ether washing powder can also be added to improve the cleaning efficiency. (Gaoshi Guangzhou coating Co., Ltd.)

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