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Knowledge is competitiveness: Kessler training course starts again

knowledge is competitiveness: Kessler training course starts again

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as the saying goes, sales in peak season and training in low season. The time has come to the off-season of the industry, and the sales pressure on the front line has gradually decreased, and case has also strengthened the training in due course. Recently, Kessler training course was held again, and 49 trainees from many dealers participated in this training. The main content of this training: 3. Nut tensile test should be equipped with: one M32 general-purpose screw nut. The main content includes the relevant product introduction of wheel skid steer loader and excavator, the relevant knowledge of competitive benchmark and Fab speech training

wheel skid steer loaders are the absolute star products of case. They are rarely seen as rivals in the industry. They are not only of outstanding quality and strong performance, but also have won wide praise from users for their excellent easy maintenance performance. The excavator products of case engineering machinery are a new weapon for case to fight in the market. With strict manufacturing standards, superb design level and exquisite assembly technology, more than 170 years of scientific and technological precipitation from case to the crushing of test pieces has been vividly reflected in the field of excavators

Kessler training course is an innovation of Kessler in the field of training combined with internet thinking. Different from the traditional training mode of construction machinery, Kessler training course can make the training get rid of the seasonal and regional restrictions of the industry. Dealers of Kessler construction machinery all over the country can learn the latest product knowledge and solve various problems they encounter through the training course in both light and peak seasons

case construction equipment sells and supports a full range of construction machinery and equipment, so every user must be careful in the use process! Including the world's first excavators and loaders, articulated dump trucks, excavators, self-propelled graders, wheel loaders, vibratory rollers, crawler bulldozers, skid steer loaders, small crawler loaders, off-road forklifts, etc. Relying on the strong dealer network support of case, customers will find real professional partners - world-class equipment and after-sales service support, industry-leading quality assurance and flexible financial support

case CO1 construction equipment is a brand of CNH industrial N.V., the global leader of capital goods listed on the New York Stock Exchange (nyse:cnhi) and the Italian stock exchange electronic stock market (mi:cnhi)

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