At the end of November, the capacity utilization r

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At the end of November, almost all fractures of float glass production can be successfully healed, and the utilization rate is 73.45%

the overall trend of the glass spot market in November is weak. The production enterprises mainly increase the outbound and withdrawal funds, and adopt the strategy of market price. The rise in the price of raw materials has caused the financial pressure of production enterprises and the rapid rise in production costs. In particular, the price of soda ash has increased by more than 200 yuan, resulting in an increase in the production cost of glass by more than 40 yuan

from a regional perspective, the market price adjustment in the northeast and the adjacent Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is relatively large; The prices of production enterprises in Shahe area remain balanced, and the sales situation of production enterprises is good; Under the influence of factors such as the high price in the early stage and the adjustment of regional price in South China, the price adjusted slightly; The performance of central China was eye-catching, and the quotation continued to rise; At the additive manufacturing user group meeting in Chicago, China's eastern region performed fairly well and the trend was stable

According to the special investigation and investment value prediction report of China's non-ferrous optical glass industry in, the national average price of white glass was 1478 yuan at the end of November, an increase of -26 yuan month on month and 283 yuan year on year in 2015. At the end of the month, the capacity utilization rate of float glass was 73. 45%; Up -0 month on month. 12%, up 3% year-on-year in 2015. 27%。 The production capacity in progress was 93234 heavy containers, an increase of 4.2 million heavy containers month on month and 66.72 million heavy containers year on year in 2015. At the end of the month, the industrial inventory was 31.3 million heavy containers, an increase of -600000 heavy containers month on month and -1.2 million heavy containers year on year. The extensive development mode of relying on coal price hikes has been unsustainable. The number of inventory days at the end of the month is 12. 25 days, an increase of -0 month on month. 29 days, an increase of -1 year-on-year. 45 days

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