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Kodak adjusts business optimization portfolio to cope with the crisis recently, Eastman Kodak company of the United States held an annual strategic investment conference, at which Kodak announced that it would increase investment in core digital technology, optimize business assets that can generate cash, and restructure the company to further reduce costs

Kodak announced that the company's revenue may decline by 12% to 18% in 2009, but the company's operating conditions improved in the second half of this year. Kodak will focus on the investment of quality light technology products of digital technology, optimize the profitable business portfolio, and restructure the company to reduce costs. It is believed that these ways can tide over the crisis

imaging companies, including canon and Sony, have poor experimental ability. It is necessary to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment. Kodak, as the only American company, was directly affected by the financial crisis. During the Chinese new year, the company has decided to cut 350 jobs in 2009 and is expected to achieve an annual output value of 5billion yuan to 4500 people

in addition, affected by the decline in demand and prices, Kodak's main business fell almost entirely in the fourth quarter of 2008, with a net loss of $137million

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