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Knowledge of choosing corrugated rollers

now, ceramic corrugated rollers are favored by more and more carton enterprises, but many carton enterprises do not know very much about the structure and characteristics of corrugated rollers when purchasing, and there is a certain blindness. Hole and thread are important reference factors when choosing ceramic corrugated rollers. This paper introduces these two points in detail, hoping to provide reference for everyone to choose corrugated rollers

1. As the carrier of ink transmission, acupoint

has the function of storing and homogenizing ink, and can effectively overcome the phenomenon of ink flying under the condition of high-speed operation

1. Shape of acupoints

acupoints have various shapes and specifications. Several common hole shapes are: pyramid shape, pyramid shape, hexagonal pyramid shape, trapezoidal cross-section oblique tooth shape, etc. in addition, there are additional channel holes, etc. At present, the most widely used and best is the 60 ° honeycomb shaped hole, because the hexagonal shape has the highest utilization rate per unit area in the geometric shape, which can make the narrowest wall and the smallest spare area between the holes, and the ink transfer volume is the largest, which can produce a uniform ink film. At present, the holes with hexagonal openings are mostly used in laser engraving rollers. Practice has proved that this regular hexagonal opening ink supply method can effectively avoid moire fringes (moire)

2. Engraving angle of the hole

the latest development of laser engraving roller technology, the engraving angle of the hole mainly includes 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° and 90 °. It is suggested that the engraving angle of the hole of the roller should be 60 °

3. Hole depth and opening degree

if the hole is deep and the opening is narrow, the ink at the bottom of the hole cannot be transferred, which not only reduces the ink transfer rate, but also is not conducive to the cleaning of the wrinkle roll, resulting in permanent blockage of the hole

among the several shapes mentioned above, the hexagonal pyramid shaped hole has a larger opening and better inking and ink release performance. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields around the world, such as building wall insulation, aerospace, transportation, medical incubator, thermal insulation of various incubators, and so on. This shape of hole is often used in carving grain rollers. Practice has proved that, When the ratio of hole opening width to hole depth is about 0 ".28, the ink transfer is smooth.

second, the number of lines and line angle

1, the number of lines

in practical application and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) In the combination of high-performance polymers, the ink transfer capacity of the corrugated roller is often measured by the number of lines of the corrugated roller. Generally speaking, the ink supply of the corrugated roller decreases with the increase of the number of lines

generally, when printing a large area of on-site color blocks or images with low accuracy requirements, we can consider using a low number of lines, such as 360 lines/inch in the field. When printing fine images or small words and lines, a high number of lines should be used. Practice has proved that in order to obtain high-quality prints, the number of lines of the embossing force elongation curve roller should maintain a certain proportional relationship with the number of lines added to the printing plate, that is, the number of lines of the embossing roller should generally be 4 ~ 5 times of the number of lines added to the printing plate

2. Line angle

there is no unified regulation on the line angle of the wrinkle roller at present, and the basic principle of determining the line angle should be to minimize the moire fringe. Practice shows that the ideal line angles are 30 ° and 60 °. However, at present, the cave is mostly used to carve along the direction of 45 ° with the axis

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