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Knitting: developing new warp knitting technology to meet market demand

developing molding knitting is an important project of new knitting technology in the outline. Wang Zhi, director of the expert technical committee of the China Knitting Industry Association, explained that knitting is different from weaving, and molding knitting is an important advantage of knitting. The advantage of molding knitting is that it doesn't need to cut cloth, and it is clothing directly woven out. The key of this technology is reflected in the equipment. Wang Zhi said that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China began to study this project, and the equipment has also passed the appraisal. Some enterprises have launched products, breaking the monopoly position of Italian imported equipment. At present, the domestic market capacity is more than 8000 sets, and Italian products still occupy at least 80% of the market with the improvement of the operating rate and the continuous production of new projects. Seamless underwear machine, computerized flat knitting machine and warp knitting machine can all be used for molding knitting. The key of this technology is to constantly adjust the parameters in the knitting process, which requires mechatronic design. The work of the knitting machine is controlled through the computer program design of the knitting process parameters. This technology first needs the equipment to pass the test, and then the process coordination, including the dyeing and finishing process. At present, China is still in the initial stage of warp knitting technology, and there is still a gap from the international advanced level. With the continuous deepening of research and development, the technical level of molding and weaving will be greatly improved. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the industrialization target will reach 100million pieces

for the processing technology of ultra-thin and ultra-fine knitted fabrics, Wang Zhi believes that from the perspective of domestic and foreign trends, the large round machine fabrics and warp knitted fabrics are developing in the direction of fine count, and light weight and good hand feel are the trend

it is difficult for short fiber warp knitting technology to play the role of market clearing. Wang Zhi introduced that this technology was launched based on the need to expand the range of warp knitting products. The warp knitting machine is a precision instrument with fast speed, which actively promotes the core technology with independent intellectual property rights in our province to rise to industry standards, national standards and international standards, but it is only suitable for filament weaving. Warp knitting is characterized by better stability than weft knitting and not easy to deform. If you want to develop new products on warp knitting with cotton and wool staple fibers, you must break through this technical bottleneck. At present, this technology has been tried to develop on some machines, and it still needs a lot of efforts to reach the scale of 50~100 machines in the 12th Five Year Plan

Wang Zhi stressed that the development of knitting technology mainly depends on market orientation. For example, the market needs functional underwear or fashionable outerwear fabrics, and the industry should use new raw materials or new knitting technologies to meet the needs of consumers. The technologies involved in the outline are not only the direction of consumer demand, but also in line with the development direction of knitted clothing. Although the quantity and scale are still small, it represents a development direction. As long as the products are consistent with the needs of consumers, even if the initial quantity is small, efforts can be made to increase the quantity and drive more people to enjoy the comfort of new products. As for the quantitative indicators in the outline, Wang Zhi frankly said that there was no problem in achieving the scientific and technological goals of the 12th Five Year Plan

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