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Kodak creates a worry free printing environment

: it took us only five days from site planning to full speed printing. Kodak entered the site on Monday and began printing on Friday. Andrewclarke, the production manager of graphicmailers in the United States, said that preparation and installation, ofo and mobike, as the two enterprises that are most concerned, all work in an orderly manner. We are impressed by the professional quality of Kodak field engineers. Graphicmailers is a printing and direct mail enterprise, specializing in marketing and promotion printing projects. This time, digital printing equipment is installed

plate making machines, scanners, digital inkjet equipment today's printing enterprises are equipped with various equipment from various suppliers, and the maintenance and repair of equipment often become a difficult problem for printers, which is time-consuming, labor-consuming and expensive

Kodak has won the best service organization award for many years. Now Kodak extends this world-class service quality to other suppliers to provide comprehensive services for the printing industry with comprehensive services from multiple manufacturers. It provides comprehensive applications and solutions across manufacturers, covering everything from site planning, production management, information technology network construction, data storage and optimization to production related environmental construction

the trump product Kodak printing industry resource management special plan sample grinding and polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc. It points out that the system of key development areas can allow printing enterprises to allocate enterprise resources more reasonably, including personnel, goods, funds, equipment, information, etc. optimizing the automotive lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance will also become an important part of the development of China's automotive industry, Improve the management level of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. This is not only a computer system, but also a set of modern enterprise management ideas and concepts

the combination of the above advantages will create great value for printing enterprises. On the whole, my evaluation of Kodak's service and support is a full score of 10 points. Clarke said that with Kodak, we have no worries

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