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Knowledge management, organizational intelligence and organizational change practice

knowledge management actually solves the problem of 1+1+13 in enterprise management, that is, the power of system organization is less than the synthesis of personal power. For personal potential, often only a small part is played, and no one knows how much potential they have? As for organization and people are the same truth, who can know how much potential their organization has? Whether a person or an organization can succeed depends on the mechanism of system operation and the ability of learning, adaptability and innovation evolved from this mechanism. This ability is effectively stimulated, which can often release huge energy of the organization. Once the core idea, core management mode and core competitiveness evolve, the potential of the organization can be truly developed

in order to stimulate the potential of the organization, we should use collective wisdom to cultivate the adaptability and innovation ability of the organization. The first thing to do is to let enterprises learn according to their own needs like a healthy person, think according to the changes of the environment, work according to the needs of the society, and constantly develop themselves to adapt to the social environment. In ancient China, Taoism followed nature, and the laws of organization and operation must also conform to the laws of natural development. To find these rules, it is impossible for an organization to do so without relying on collective thinking. Often, many talented people in the organization are buried. One of the most important reasons is that the wisdom of talented people is not collective wisdom. And if an organization can develop well, the wisdom of its excellent organization individuals must be able to spread to other people in the organization. Otherwise, no matter how excellent an individual is, he cannot give full play to his real potential, and the organization cannot achieve rapid evolution. This is like an animal population in nature, where strong and intelligent animal individuals are often able to reproduce. Organizations should also have the ability of self evolution in the face of the external environment

this simple truth is easy to say, but very difficult to practice. Because of people's realm and differences in all aspects, simple truth is often the easiest to be ignored. The endless struggle and internal friction in the organization, internal resistance in the Department, poor team communication, wrong decision-making and other problems constantly plague various organizations. Every organization will have organizational IQ. The key is that this kind of organizational IQ is also applicable to hard plastic plates. Is there a good plan? Is there a mechanism to ensure that collective wisdom can be implemented? Is there a good way and means to operate systematically as a carrier? There are many problems in this evolution, which can be solved gradually with knowledge management as the core and other methods

one of the major problems of knowledge management is that it covers too many areas, has too many theories, and lacks practice. It seems that everything is knowledge management, and nothing is knowledge management. This hinders the application and understanding of knowledge management. The natural knowledge management process should be integrated into the practice of enterprise development, combined with other disciplines, so that the organizational IQ can be constantly updated, so that the organizational center can get stronger support, so that various elements of the organization can quickly penetrate into the organization

natural knowledge management is not revolution, but improvement. No matter what an organization is, like creatures in nature, there are factors that promote its growth and hinder its development. In the organization, these factors coexist. We should carry forward the promoting factors and reduce the harm of obstacles in order to achieve natural development. There is an ancient Chinese poem: I didn't know the true face of Mount Lushan, but I was born in this mountain. People inside the organization are often the most difficult to understand the overall picture of the organization. However, knowledge management needs people in the organization to apply it. This leads to a contradiction between design and implementation. To solve this contradiction, the first problem is that the leaders of knowledge management must have high-quality compound talents. At the same time, we should design and implement the organization management system in combination with the system theory. Secondly, there are talents at all levels of the organization who continue to promote knowledge management, form a team, and have corresponding energy-saving efficiency of up to 60%. At the same time, measures and mechanisms ensure continuous promotion

for enterprises, in fact, if they ultimately create profits, all management means and measures are to ensure better profits for enterprises. Due to the systematic operation of organizational intelligence and the strong support of organizational center, knowledge management system will become the core of a strong organization. This core force is very powerful from the beginning, and its response to the outside world is very agile, because it relies on the wisdom and strength of the whole organization. If this power is not used to make profits, but only to improve work efficiency, it is indeed a bit overqualified. Therefore, the most important thing of an organization's knowledge management system is the combination with the organization's marketing and sales departments. Such as tracking and analyzing competitors, mining the industry market, using the power system of the organization center to operate the market, and so on. It can be said that the company's sales director and marketing director are the candidates who should apply knowledge management most. The demand of knowledge economy on Salespersons is also getting higher and higher. Knowledge salespersons are the most popular in the market. The main solution of small knowledge management is the company's overall support for the marketing and sales departments. The combination of knowledge management and customer relationship management can solve the problem of training sales teams

if knowledge management can be profitable, Liansu Group, headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong Province, said in a statement issued on March 17 that thousands of enterprises will pay attention to and apply knowledge management. Knowledge management is first of all a management concept and method, which can be applied without much cost. From this point of view, what an organization needs most is learning. At the same time, learning knowledge management itself is to cultivate the ability of organizational learning. Secondly, knowledge management also needs means and tools. The application of informatization itself has become a consensus. The problem is that enterprises need informatization that can produce benefits. Therefore, the primary purpose of knowledge management is to obtain benefits for enterprises

To sum up, knowledge management should be the core of organizational change. Only when people really understand their own organization can they make correct judgments. Only with correct judgment can we make corresponding reasoning and practice, which belongs to the category of deductive method. Knowledge management is combined with systematic thinking to form the core of the organization. Knowledge management is combined with the market to form profit points. Knowledge management is combined with learning organization to form the ability of organizing rapid learning and innovation. Of course, there are many interpretations, but only with correct entry, continuous promotion, rapid learning and innovation, knowledge management will truly become the core of enterprise management. (end)

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