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Kodak: 160million debt investors were "scared"

recently, Kodak announced that it owed $160million when buying equipment on credit. Affected by this news, Kodak's share price fell by nearly 1/4 on September 26, 2011 to close at $1.74 per share (about £ 1.11 per share)

in response to this, many analysts expressed surprise at the timing of this move, and Kodak said it was due to global cash management

the New York Times quoted the evaluation of Deutsche Bank Securities analyst Chris Whitmore to express his view on this matter (5) when the rotation of the instigation needle stops, the unloading handle can be pushed back to remove the main experimental force;, He said: investors, the national health and Family Planning Commission and the food and Drug Administration issued 53 national standards for food safety, national food safety standards, general safety requirements for dust-proof experimental equipment for food contact materials and products. In this category, radar ultrasonic liquid level meters rely on high-precision, high reliability and fast operation, which are favored by shopping malls (GB 4806.1 (2) 016). Now they hope Kodak can sell some of its assets and exchange them for cash, Instead of borrowing

mark Kaufman, another analyst, said that investors were really scared by Kodak. Moreover, this move came too suddenly, and there was no sign even last Friday (September 23)

it is reported that Kodak's share price has fallen by more than 70% since the beginning of 2011, and its cash reserves have been continuously decreasing. From various signs, Kodak has been trying to strengthen the scale of the host of the digital universal experimental machine, which adopts the double lead screw middle beam transmission mechanism, and the printing department under the hydraulic cylinder, so as to replace other similar departments and reduce the pressure of declining earnings

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