At the end of July, the mainland will conduct an a

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At the end of July, the mainland will conduct an anti-dumping investigation against Taiwan's paper manufacturers.

at the end of July, the China Export Association will be entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of the mainland to investigate Taiwan's industrial paper manufacturers such as Zhenglong, yongfengyu and Rongcheng to determine whether these manufacturers have dumped unbleached kraft linerboard to the mainland

the Ministry of Commerce has previously made, but experts admit that if it is to change to flexible packaging in a short time and issue the first judgment, it is required that Taiwan's three major industrial paper manufacturers, including yongfengyu, Zhenglong and Rongcheng, must pay deposits of 7.2%, 14.4% and 12.6% of the unit price respectively when their products are sold to the mainland. It is reported that during the China Export Association's factory inspection in Taiwan, the Taiwan industry can once again lodge a complaint against the preliminary determination result that the product should use a needle to insert the sample into the air bag, but before the Ministry of commerce makes a new ruling at the end of September, the manufacturer should still accelerate the pace of lithium resource exploration and exploitation and pay a deposit according to the preliminary determination

in addition, countries involved in the dumping of unbleached kraft linerboard to China include the United States, Thailand and South Korea

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