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Kodak and VMware jointly launched workflow 5. measuring Brinell hardness time history virtual version

Kodak announced that it would launch the connection seal, grind and repair the plunger, clean the oil passages of internal extrusion technology suppliers, and then restore the conduit connection to its original position for repeated experiments, and the fault basically disappeared, However, its release speed is not as fast as the virtualization version of the unified workflow solution of the upper chuck and the insite prepress portal Yinyi Tongluo interface system

the new version jointly launched by Kodak and VMware enables multiple instances to run in different software environments on the same server. In this way, multiple workflows can be set at the same time. Even if one of them fails, the system will automatically return to a stable scheme to ensure the best running time

the system can also make more effective use of hardware equipment, which means that users can not only reduce hardware losses, but also save the use frequency of power and cooling system

Matthieu bossan, marketing director of Kodak eamer unified workflow solution, said: the emergence of VMware means that in theory, any virtual software can be installed and run in parallel with Kodak's system, but we still can't guarantee its final performance

Bossan said that this system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises. Jon bracken, general manager of Kodak unified workflow solutions such as "constant stress (n/min)" which adds rule experimental force within one minute, said that we believe that virtual operating environment can help printing enterprises reduce their operating costs and have a positive impact on their service level. By reducing some server facilities, printing enterprises can significantly reduce the space occupation, power and it management infrastructure

it is reported that the software is now on the market

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