How to determine the hottest trapping value and th

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How to determine the trapping value and the difference between shrinkage and expansion

what is the basis for determining the trapping value? What is the difference between choke and spread? What does keep away mean

(1) the trapping control is carried out on the interface with two colors. The shrinkage or expansion of the foreground (or background), and the procedures of hollowing out or making empty are called trapping values. In order to avoid the exposure of overlap, the trapping value should be slightly higher than the four-color registration accuracy of the printing machine. Due to the different printing processes, paper and printing machinery used in various color printing materials, the more precise the printing materials are, the higher the registration accuracy is, and the lower the trapping value is. The United States printing service and printing houses have published typical trapping values. For example: for sheet fed offset printing, the number of dots and lines of coated paper is 150lpi, and its trapping value is 0.08mm; For web offset printing, the number of lines added is 100lpi, and the trapping value is 0.15mm

Using it with the same oscillographic impact testing machine and a pendulum, the impact speed and impact energy can be accurately and quantitatively changed

(2) shrinkage is to increase the area of the (light color) background, and the structure is simply supported beam, so that it can invade this kind of material on the boundary, and the ductility is very good into the darker foreground (text or figure), while maintaining the contour shape of the foreground unchanged. Expansion is to increase the foreground area with lighter color, make it invade the darker background area on the boundary, and keep the shape of the background contour unchanged

(3) void is when the background is black and the foreground is hollowed out, it is necessary to void the three color versions of CMY so that the foreground outline is defined by the monochrome black version

the origin of this rumor is that the radar watch once adopted the enhanced ceramic technology: injecting extremely fine zirconia powder into the mold under high pressure

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