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How to develop China's publishing industry in 2004

in 2004, the publishing industry implemented the scientific concept of development, adhered to the correct guidance, and the publishing industry further developed and prospered. The sample statistical survey on the value-added of the first publishing industry in China shows that in 2004, the value-added of the whole industry reached 193.97 billion yuan, accounting for about 1.7% of the national GDP and 5% of the added value of the tertiary industry. According to incomplete statistics, the total assets of the national publishing system in 2004 exceeded 200billion yuan, with a total market sales of 160billion yuan. The proportion of the publishing industry in the national economy continues to grow, further meeting the growing multifaceted, multi-level and diverse cultural needs of the people

promote the development of the publication market with reform to further prosper

in the past year, the publishing industry has vigorously promoted the transformation of system and mechanism, and the reform is constantly deepening. The pilot reform of the publishing system is progressing smoothly, and 21 pilot units have made reform attempts in three types according to their own characteristics. Among them, four newspaper groups focused on mechanism innovation and enhancing vitality, and carried out pilot projects to separate undertakings and enterprises, separating their main business from their business operations; Seven publishing groups and four newspapers, focusing on system reform and mechanism innovation, have carried out pilot projects to transform the business system into an enterprise system. Beiqing Media Co., Ltd. was listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong on December 22, 2004; Six distribution groups, as transformation enterprises, have carried out joint-stock reform, modern logistics and chain operation pilot projects with the goal of establishing a modern enterprise system and cultivating new market competition subjects. The transformation and shareholding reform of Xinhua Bookstore further strengthened its strength and vitality; The establishment of a number of joint-stock companies with the right to distribute publications has activated the publication market; Promote cross media and cross regional operations, and initially form a large market and circulation pattern of publications

the growth mode of the publishing industry is changing, the overall strength of the publishing industry is further enhanced, and the position of the publishing industry in the economic development of some provinces is constantly improving. The publishing industry in Hunan, Guangdong, Liaoning, Jiangsu and other places has become a local pillar industry. The traditional publishing industry continues to maintain steady growth. The audio-visual electronic publishing industry and the Internet publishing industry grew rapidly. The direct output value of the Internet publishing industry reached 5billion yuan, an increase of 70% over the previous year, becoming a new growth point of the publishing industry. The printing industry continues to develop in the process of adjustment, and the reproduction industry has maintained a strong momentum of development. The annual China International optical storage equipment exhibition has become the world's second largest optical disc industry event after the MTA optical disc equipment exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, which provides a good platform for the main body of our country's tensile machine and the dynamometer country's optical disc industry to introduce foreign advanced equipment and technology. At present, China has put into operation more than 550 recordable optical disc production lines, with an annual production capacity of about 2.9 billion pieces, accounting for about 20% of the total global recordable optical disc market

the prosperity and development of the publishing industry has finally benefited the common people and benefited materially. More than 100 key books on the important thought of "Three Represents" have met the needs of readers in various forms and at moderate prices; Among the more than 100 key publications commemorating Comrade Deng Xiaoping's centenary birthday, many readers are cherished by ordinary people; A number of popular theoretical readings with strong ideological, targeted and persuasive adherence to the "three sticking points" have better answered the theoretical and practical problems concerned by cadres and the masses; A number of farmers' key books and audio-visual products that "can read, use and afford" to serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" have been welcomed by the farmers. The experience of publishing and distribution units such as Jindun publishing house in serving grassroots and farmers has been widely promoted in the publishing industry. The practical series of rural two yuan money published by Chongqing Publishing House has published 110 varieties and more than 2 million copies, which is called "getting rich book" by farmers. In addition, it actively recommended 100 kinds of excellent books and 100 kinds of excellent audio-visual products to minors, providing them with healthy spiritual food

December 11, 2004 is the third year of China's accession to the WTO. The wholesale market of books, newspapers and periodicals is fully open to foreign capital. In the whole year, there were 13 foreign-invested distribution enterprises of books, newspapers and periodicals, 8 magazines reached Sino foreign periodical cooperation projects, and 55 foreign-invested printing enterprises with a total investment of 1. $3.3 billion. While introducing foreign funds and business models, the publishing industry has actively implemented the "going out" strategy, further expanding the world influence of Chinese culture. The 11th Beijing International Book Fair with the theme of "books and peace" was successfully held, attracting more than 500 international publishers from 42 countries and regions, with about 100000 visitors, and a total of 8250 copyright trade contracts and intentions were reached. As a guest of honor, China participated in the French Book Salon of the Sino French cultural year, which attracted worldwide attention

strengthening market supervision and maintaining a good market environment

reform is the driving force for the prosperity and development of the publishing industry, and management is the guarantee for the healthy development of the publishing industry. In the past year, the publishing industry has implemented the "pass forward" and promoted scientific management. The mechanism of hierarchical management is gradually established, which provides a strong guarantee for the reform and development of the publishing industry; Adhering to the principle of treating both the symptoms and the root causes, we carried out the fight against pornography and illegal publications in depth, and further standardized the publication market environment; However, the fight against piracy can only be enhanced with the increase of stress, and the special treatment activities for publications can be carried out in depth to further improve the legal awareness of copyright in the whole society; Consolidate the achievements of the management department of newspapers and periodicals, and effectively safeguard the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people

we have achieved important phased results in combating the indiscriminate use of newspapers and periodicals in party and government departments, carried out two supervision activities, and accepted more than 20000 reports. In the clean-up and rectification of internal information publications and stations, 338 kinds of internal information publications were suspended, 304 kinds of registration were cancelled, 403 kinds of rectification were ordered, 131 kinds of registration were suspended, and nearly 200 kinds of illegal internal information publications were seriously investigated and dealt with; A total of 202 newspaper stations, 440 cancellation of registration, 176 suspension of registration, and 73 illegally established stations and other institutions engaged in activities were banned

the long-term mechanism of moving forward, active management and scientific management has been further improved. The access system of publishing enterprises, products and capital, especially bleached coniferous pulp and bleached hardwood pulp, has been continuously strengthened and improved. The General Administration of publication reviewed more than 600 publications throughout the year, 170 problematic publishing topics were withdrawn, and the violations of 213 publishing units were investigated and dealt with. In the special inspection on the quality of teaching aids of national teaching materials in 2004, 553 kinds of teaching aids of various kinds of teaching materials were randomly selected, and 70 kinds of unqualified books were investigated and dealt with

resolutely crack down on infringement and piracy, and strive to improve the legal awareness of copyright in the whole society. Taking the investigation and handling of major cases as a breakthrough, we will vigorously carry out special law enforcement against piracy and create a good market environment for the development of copyright related industries. The nationwide linkage network of anti theft and investigation and the notification system of clues of major cases have been gradually established, and the investigation and handling mechanism of major cases has been gradually improved. We have actively promoted the software legalization of local people's governments. The software legalization of Provincial People's governments and their departments is generally progressing smoothly, and the software legalization of local people's governments is advancing in an orderly manner. With the continuous strengthening of publicity and education, the public awareness of copyright protection has been further improved

the work of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" continues to maintain a high-pressure situation. In 2004, nearly 2000 distribution centers for illegal and illegal publications were banned or closed, 26000 shops and stalls without licenses and violations were banned, nearly 5000 illegal printing and reproduction enterprises were investigated and dealt with, more than 1700 illegal printing enterprises were banned and closed, and more than 25000 illegal publishing cases of all kinds were uncovered; A total of 171million illegal publications were confiscated; 21 illegal CD production lines were cracked, with a total of 200. In the special treatment of obscene and pornographic "pocket book" books, harmful picture books and game software products, nearly 5000 cases were investigated and dealt with nationwide, more than 1.8 million obscene and pornographic "pocket book" books, harmful cartoon picture books and more than 2.03 million harmful game software were confiscated; We concentrated our efforts on dealing with the illegal publication and distribution of periodicals registered abroad, investigated and dealt with more than 860 cases, confiscated 116 kinds of illegal newspapers and periodicals, and announced 90 kinds of banned illegal newspapers and periodicals to the society twice, which aroused widespread concern in the society

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