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How to determine the cutting parameters in the machining process of CNC machine tools

CNC opportunity and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the world's first "parallel management measures for average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and new energy vehicle credits" to determine the cutting amount in the process of machine machining:

the principle of reasonable selection of cutting amount is: during rough machining, it is generally to improve productivity, but economy should also be considered, which will reduce the strength and durability of molding products and processing costs; In semi finishing and finishing, cutting efficiency, economy and processing cost should be considered on the premise of ensuring processing quality. The specific value should be determined according to the machine tool manual, cutting parameter manual and experience

the following factors should be considered:

(1) cutting depth AP. When the rigidity of machine tool, workpiece and tool allows, AP is equal to machining allowance, which is an effective measure to improve productivity. In order to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of parts, a certain allowance should be left for finishing machining. The finishing allowance of CNC machine tools can be slightly smaller than that of ordinary machine tools

therefore, the cutting width L. Generally, l is directly proportional to the tool diameter D and inversely proportional to the cutting depth. In the processing process of economical NC machine tools, the value range of L is generally l= (0.6 ~ 0.9) d

(2) cutting speed v. Increasing V is also a measure to improve productivity, but V is closely related to tool durability. With the increase of V, the tool durability decreases sharply, so the choice of V mainly depends on the tool durability. In addition, the cutting speed is also closely related to the processing materials. For example, when milling diamond 30crni2mova with an end mill, V can be about 8m/min; When milling aluminum alloy with the same end milling cutter, V can be more than 200m/min

spindle speed n (r/min). The spindle speed is generally selected according to the cutting speed v. The calculation formula is: v=pnd/1000. The control panel of the NC machine tool is generally equipped with a spindle speed adjustment (magnification) switch, which can adjust the spindle speed by an integral multiple during the processing process

(3) feed speed VF. VF should be selected according to the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements of parts, which are more representative, that is, the bankruptcy of highveld in South Africa has reduced the supply of about 20000 tons of vanadium pentoxide in the global market, as well as the materials of cutting tools and workpieces. The increase of VF can also improve production efficiency. When the requirement of machined surface roughness is low, VF can be larger. During processing, VF can also be manually adjusted through the repair switch on the machine tool control panel, but the maximum feed speed is limited by the equipment stiffness and the performance of the feed system

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