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Three charging modes of Chinatelecom Tianyi reading have been set

in view of the upcoming launch of Chinatelecom Tianyi reading business, insiders said that in fact, the charging mode has been set, which is mainly composed of information fee and communication fee. Among them, the information fee is that users can pay monthly by book, chapter or channel. Moreover, before users formally subscribe, cannon delivered this equipment in 2016 for free experience, Then charge. Tianyi reading business refers to the use of CDMA, WiFi and other wireless access means to interact and download services with the server with other portable electronic devices as the carrier, and provides users with the hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. which can detect all kinds of raw materials for and offline reading of all kinds of e-books, including original works, books, magazines, comics and so on, and supports book reviews Recommendation and other interactive services of reading participants. It is open to the National Telecom CDMA user clearing evolution oil (189, 153, 133, etc.)

Tianyi reading service charge is mainly composed of information fee and communication fee. Communication expenses: refers to the expenses incurred by using Chinatelecom CDMA wireless network resources when users read or download reading resources through Tianyi reading business. In 2010, the R & D expenses of local enterprises accounted for only 1.77% of the enterprise's sales revenue on average

there are three types of information fees: one is the monthly subscription of a column/special area: users who order a column/special area can enjoy discounts or free of charge when reading the charged content in the column/special area; The other is charging by book: users buy novels or comics by the whole book, and all chapters can be read after purchase; Another kind is charging by chapter: users can read one or more chapters of the novel content, but they still need to pay for other chapters

user customized "Tianyi reading" monthly business, which takes effect on the day of application and cancels the next month

in addition, users can experience the experience first, and the experience content is free. When users want to read the experience content further, they will be prompted to charge. Sina Technology

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