How to develop China's wide bandgap power semicond

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How to develop China's wide bandgap power semiconductor industry

the R & D and application of wide band gap power semiconductors have attracted increasing attention. Silicon carbide (SIC) and gallium nitride (GAN) have become key new materials supporting the development of information, energy, transportation, advanced manufacturing, national defense and other fields with their high-efficiency photoelectric conversion ability, excellent high-frequency power characteristics, stable high-temperature performance and low energy loss

promoting China's wide bandgap power semiconductor industry has become a key link in the development and construction of a green energy-saving society and intelligent manufacturing

recently, the final review meeting of the "China wide bandgap power semiconductor development roadmap" (hereinafter referred to as the "roadmap") hosted by Zhangjiagang municipal government and China wide bandgap power semiconductor and application industry alliance was held

the implementation of this work will provide a complete roadmap of wide band gap semiconductor technology and industrial development for Chinese government departments, industrial practitioners and all capitals as an important basis for decision-making. It has great significance and far-reaching impact on promoting China's wide bandgap power semiconductor industry

application demand driven, showing good prospects for development

wide band gap semiconductor materials represented by SiC and Gan have good physical properties. With the improvement of device performance of silicon (SI) and compound semiconductor materials (GaAs, gap, InP, etc.) in the fields of optoelectronics, power electronics, RF and microwave, they face bottlenecks, which are not enough to fully support the sustainable development of the new generation of information technology, It is difficult to cope with the severe challenges faced by energy and environment, and the industry urgently needs the development and support of a new generation of semiconductor material technology

silicon carbide and gallium nitride complement each other

The market application fields of Gan power semiconductors tend to be in the low and medium voltage range, concentrated below 1000V, while SiC has more advantages in the medium and high voltage range above 1000V. Their application fields cover most emerging application markets with broad development prospects, such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, locomotive traction, intelligent electricity, energy-saving household appliances, communication RF, etc

support each other in the future. 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. It is imperative to promote green energy-saving technology. Wide band gap power semiconductors have excellent characteristics and great potential in this regard. IDC estimates that 3million data centers worldwide consume 30million kilowatts of electricity per hour, almost equal to the power generation of 30 nuclear power plants. Due to the low efficiency of electric to electric conversion and huge heat generation, it is necessary to maintain the cooling system and increase the energy consumption of the data center

-- zhengyoujiong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Nanjing University, pointed out that after completing the experiment, print the results, turn off the machine in the reverse order of startup, cover the computer, industrial control box and printer with cloth to prevent dust and water.

in terms of new energy vehicles, the sales of new energy vehicles in China last year was about 800000, and this year is expected to exceed 1million. The core difficulty of new energy vehicles is that the charging speed ◆ the current and future rate of medical materials is too slow. The mainstream research focus is on fast charging technology, and the realization of fast charging technology requires the use of high-voltage SiC semiconductor devices

in the future, it will become an important part of supporting the high-end application of SiC in the medium and high voltage field in the whole new energy vehicle industry, including vehicles, auxiliary facilities, charging piles and so on

in terms of RF communication, Gan technology is helping the development of 5g communication. 5g mobile communication has expanded from human to human communication to the interconnection of all things. It is estimated that 100 billion devices will be connected in the world in 2025

5g technology requires not only ultra bandwidth, but also high-speed access, low access delay, low power consumption and high reliability to support the interconnection of massive devices. Gan power devices can provide higher power density, higher efficiency and lower power consumption

data shows that the development and construction time of salt lake resources is long. From, the global SiC Power equipment market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 35.73%. In 2016, the global Gan device market scale was US $16.5 billion, and will reach US $22.47 billion by 2023

the development of industrial ecology is insufficient, and China's industrial opportunities and challenges coexist

although the time for China's wide bandgap power semiconductor innovation and development has gradually matured and is in an important window period. However, the experts attending the final review meeting believed that there are still many difficulties facing the industry at present. The development of an industry is related to two aspects: one is the technical level, and the other is the ecological environment of the industry

technically, wide band gap power semiconductors face many technical problems, such as the integrity of substrate materials, the quality of epitaxial layers and ohmic contacts, process stability, device reliability and cost control. The industrialization of wide band gap power semiconductors is much more difficult than the outside world imagined

another important problem is that the construction of the ecological environment for industrial development is not perfect. 5g mobile communications and electric vehicles are the application fields with the most explosive growth potential in the wide band gap semiconductor industry. The gap between China and foreign countries in the maturity of industrial ecology is still relatively obvious, and the degree of backwardness is even greater than that of technology. There is insufficient synergy between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and the problems and obstacles in the development process of "usable usable usable usable materials" have not been solved

in addition, Guan Baiyu, Secretary General of China semiconductor lighting/led industry and application alliance, pointed out that "wide bandgap power semiconductors need the coordinated development of industrial chain and innovation chain."

however, at present, the innovation chain of domestic industries has not been opened up, and the overall innovation environment is poor

wide band gap power semiconductors involve multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary technologies and applications, and need to combine advantageous resources in multiple fields to carry out multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary integrated innovation. However, R & D and industrialization require expensive growth and process equipment, high-level clean environment and advanced test and analysis platform

at present, domestic research institutions and enterprises engaged in the research and development of wide band gap semiconductors are small in scale, limited in capital investment, slow in R & D and innovation, and difficult in the transformation of achievements

strengthen the top-level design and help the coordinated development of industries

it is precisely because the wide bandgap power semiconductor industry has the characteristics of strong interdisciplinary, wide application fields, large industrial relevance and so on. Therefore, in order to promote its rapid coordinated development, we must do a good job in the top-level design and make overall arrangements

the State Council issued the 13th five year plan for national scientific and technological innovation (hereinafter referred to as the plan), which proposed to develop a new generation of information technology, develop microelectronics and Optoelectronics Technology, and focus on strengthening the research and development of technologies and devices such as very low-power chips, new sensors, wide band gap semiconductor chips, silicon-based optoelectronics, hybrid optoelectronics, microwave optoelectronics, etc. The drafting of the road map will be conducive to the implementation of the plan

indicate the development direction and main context through the road map. While doing a good job in the top-level design, it is conducive to the overall arrangement of the industry, the coordinated development of the industry, attracting the attention of all parties, and the introduction of new funds and resources

experts pointed out that

developing wide band gap semiconductors:

on the one hand, we should rely on independent research and development to achieve technological breakthroughs

on the other hand, we should give full play to the role of the combination of production, study, research and application, carry out demand-oriented research and development, and take the market as the goal, so as to overcome bottlenecks, solve problems, enter the market, and use it in practice

in addition, to strengthen the R & D and application of wide band gap semiconductor materials, it is urgent to introduce and cultivate talents, select leading talents, enrich technical backbones, and speed up team building

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