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Deep maintenance of laser printer ABC

the role of laser printer in prepress process - producing large samples or outputting sulfuric acid paper, is widely loved by printing colleagues

It is very important to use, maintain and maintain the laser printer normally

Canon's laser printers in the domestic market include lbp-lx, lbp-kt, lbp-bx, lbp-sx, lbp-4l and lbp-gp, and many of their structures, circuits and working principles are similar. Similarly, fault maintenance and overhaul are similar. This paper is a summary of the author's maintenance and repair of Canon lbp-bx Ⅱ and KT laser printers in recent ten years, for colleagues' reference

I. change the direction of the exhaust fan at the tail of lbp-bx Ⅱ laser printer

lbp-bx Ⅱ laser printer has two exhaust fans, one above the high-pressure plate on the left of the printer and the other in the middle of the right of the tail of the printer. They play an important role in heat dissipation and dust removal in the laser printer

the author is confused about the "dirty" optical cassette in production, and usually observes it for a long time. The main reason is that the air in this area is humid and humid; Secondly, the exhaust fan at the tail of the laser printer is the main factor causing the problem. When the tail exhaust fan works, part of the trace dust and part of the moist air scattered during the operation of the toner box assembly are brought into the optical cassette (Figure 1), so that the beam detection mirror, optical fiber head, focusing lens and hexagonal prism are dirty. It affects the quality of the detail drawing and sulfuric acid paper. The fonts with no more than 3 characters, especially the boldface, have obvious jagged strokes. In order to solve this problem, the author adjusted the exhaust fan on the right side of the tail in a whole direction (the power supply did not move), that is, the tail exhaust fan sucked the wind into the machine and discharged it from the left exhaust fan, forming a favorable air troposphere, and the air troposphere formed a 90. Right angle of (Figure 2). It not only achieves the function of heat dissipation and dust removal in the printer, but also ensures the cleanness of the components in the optical cassette of the printer for a long time. After more than two years of observation, the effect is very good

second, the maintenance of the optical cassette of the laser printer

the optical cassette in the printer is the key component of the printer. If the optical components are dirty, the digital information transmitted from the computer cannot be accurately converted from photoelectric to electrostatic latent image; The digital information of words and images cannot be correctly transferred on the carrier. Therefore, the uncleanness of optical components is the main factor affecting the quality of carrier

the optical components and positions in the optical cassette of the laser printer are very precise and can not be adjusted without special equipment

be very careful in the cleaning and maintenance of laser beam detection mirror, optical fiber head, focusing lens, hexagonal prism, etc. Only bamboo tweezers, cork chips and sticks can be used to clean the above parts and parts, so as to avoid metal damage or scratch of optical components during the cleaning process

in cleaning optical components, it is best to use "dry cleaning" for hexaprism, and other components can be "dry cleaning" or "water cleaning". "Water" can use absolute ethanol (absolute alcohol). When cleaning, wood and bamboo tools are used together, and chamois or medicinal absorbent cotton are used to achieve the cleaning effect. The author believes that it is best to "dry clean" optical components, because "water wash" absorbent cotton fiber, affecting the optical effect

when confirming that the optical components and parts are clean, the self inspection line of the laser printer is not vertical and undulating; Use it to send large black font details, and there are jagged marks on the edges of font strokes. Clean the optical components again. After the failure remains, remove the optical cassette and observe from the side. It is found that the photosensitive film on the left edge (starting point) of the hexagonal prism is abnormal. After "dry cleaning", it still cannot be restored to its "original appearance". It is necessary to consider the problem that the optical coating of the hexaprism is aging due to the use of the printer for nearly ten years. After the optical cassette is replaced, send a detailed sample to observe the elimination of the fault

III. the toner concentration regulator is not smooth

laser printers are equipped with toner concentration regulators (switches). The printer has been used for a long time, and the toner concentration regulator on the high-pressure board is dirty due to the exhaust fan, so it cannot meet the predetermined requirements when in use

to solve this problem, remove the shell and high-pressure plate on the left side of the printer, clamp the anhydrous alcohol cotton ball with bamboo tweezers, wash the sliding switch back and forth four or five times, wipe it dry, and reinstall the high-pressure plate and shell. After debugging, the problem is solved

IV. the preheating display does not work, and the printer preparation stage fails.

the preheating display symbol on the front panel of the laser printer. After power on (note that Canon printer has two kinds of power supply machines with 110V and 220V voltage, do not use it incorrectly), the preheating LED flashes and goes out. The printer preparation process fails, and the machine cannot work normally. The reasons can be found from the following aspects to ensure the normal preparation of the printer

1. Whether the fusing filament is damaged or the lamp holder is in poor contact

first, check whether the filament of the fusing lamp in the fusing roller is open circuit; second, check whether the filament between the lamp and the lamp holder is broken. Use the 2K resistance gear of the multimeter to check whether the resistance of the lamp of KT and BX Ⅱ printers is 0.0068 ~ 0.0072, which is normal, otherwise, replace the lamp

2. There is foreign matter between the thermistor and the fusing roller

check whether the surface of the thermistor is isolated from the fusing roller or damaged by toner or paper scraps, which makes the preheating preparation of the printer invalid

if the thermistor is removed, it can be put into the refrigerator for freezing and try to restore its function. Only replace it if it is invalid. Use the 2K resistance block of the multimeter to check that the thermistor quality of KT and BX Ⅱ printers is between 0.003 and 0.004, which is normal

3. Whether the thermal switch is normal

the working state of the thermal switch is that it is in an open circuit state when cooling, so as to ensure that the preparation of the laser printer is preheated and the fixing temperature is balanced to a constant temperature, and it works normally. If the fusing temperature exceeds 160. Time (lbp-kt fusing temperature, Chen Yunming, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Kangcheng new materials Co., Ltd., is 180.), The thermal switch is in the on state, (power off) to ensure that the fusing temperature is constant in the tension machine, and work in turn. Otherwise, replace the thermal switch

v. the separation of the output detail of the laser printer is abnormal

due to the long service time of the printer, the fusing roller is worn and there are foreign matters and dirt on the separation claw, when the output detail is poor, or the detail is stuck on the separation claw and the fusing roller, forming an accordion shape. The solution is as follows:

1. Poor separation: first, check whether there are dirt or damage, friction marks and paper scraps on the fusing roller and pressure roller. If the fusing roller is worn, replace it, remove the dirt on the pressure roller, and apply silicone oil, the problem will be solved, which is the future and hope of Anyang's development

2. Poor separation: the second is to check the separation claw, and it is found that there are blocks of toner on the claw to varying degrees. Due to the damage of the carton compression machine often used by the separation claw tip mill in the packaging industry, it is easy to get stained with toner. At high temperature, the toner melts into blocks. The longer the time, the larger the blocks will be. The solution is: scrape off the block with a finger shell and clean the separation claw. If individual separation claws are seriously worn, they must be replaced in time, otherwise the fusing roller will be scratched. When cleaning the separation claw, never use metal tools, otherwise it will cause greater damage

3. poor separation: again, check whether all gears at the fusing output end function and operate freely. Remove the fusing components and check whether each gear is in good condition, whether there is wear, broken teeth and other phenomena. After replacement, the fault is removed

VI. the manual paper take-up wheel of the printer is "tired"

due to the long-term use of the manual paper take-up function, the paper take-up silicone rubber wheel will also be "tired", and the surface of the rubber wheel is polished by the paper surface, resulting in the decline of the paper take-up function. The solution is:

1. The manual paper take-up function and automatic paper take-up function of the printer are used interchangeably to avoid excessive "fatigue" of the paper take-up rubber wheel

2. After the manual paper take-up rubber wheel is "tired", you can remove the rubber wheel and turn over the rubber ring to continue to use. Let the "tired" side "rest" for a period of time, and then the function will recover. After using the manual paper take-up rubber wheel for a period of time, the front and back sides of the rubber ring can also be recycled to reduce the "fatigue" of the friction surface of the rubber ring

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