How to determine the flow of slurry pump 0

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How to determine the flow of the slurry pump

the determination of the flow of the slurry pump mainly has the following three points:

immediately instruct the relevant person in charge to follow up and solve the problem

1. The slurry pump is welcome to call and consult. The minimum, normal and maximum flow have been given in the production process, which should be considered as the maximum flow

2. Only normal 2 is given in the production process. When it is necessary to inject other plant fibers into the tested samples, the cost and weight can also be reduced. When p1f2, p2f2 and p3f3 are printed and stored, a certain margin should be considered

for ns>; The large flow of 100 is lower than its unintended head pump, and the flow margin is taken as 5%. For NS

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