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Talking about the advantages of pad printing technology: it will be favored by the market

[ppzhan Abstract] pad printing is one of the special printing methods. It can print words, graphics and graphics on the surface of irregular shaped objects. Suitable materials: metal, non-metallic materials and so on. Now it is becoming an important special printing. For example, this printing method is used for the text and patterns on the surface, and the surface printing of many electronic products, such as computer keyboards, instruments, meters, etc., is completed by pad printing

pad printing machine

pad printing machine is a kind of printing equipment, which is suitable for plastics, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seals, etc. Pad printing is an indirect concave rubber head printing technology. At present, it has become a main method for printing and decoration of various object surfaces. Now more and more manufacturers use pad printing machines to print product descriptions, trademarks and other patterns. Why on earth are they willing to choose pad printing machines as their choice? What is the competitiveness of pad printing machines

in fact, it is very consistent with the concept of new and old kinetic energy conversion. Pad printing machines do have advantages, but the tubes we usually use are far from perfect, which many similar printing equipment do not have. First of all, a pad printing machine can do more than 12 chromatic overprinting, which is called multicolor overprinting. It can print all products at one time, which not only improves efficiency but also saves money. Even small manufacturers who have just built factories can afford this part of the cost. In contrast, multicolor overprinting of silk screen printing machines of similar products appears to be expensive. Secondly, compared with the characteristics of the screen printing machine, the ink layer of the pad printing machine is very thin, which means that it is easy to leave traces on the surface of any product, whether it is flat, curved or wavy, you can copy the printing pattern, but the screen printing machine is very complex in this regard. The flat screen printing machine can only print flat surfaces, and if you want to print curved and wavy surfaces, you need to apply another curved screen printing machine

moreover, the pad printing machine has very good color expressiveness and printing adaptability. Although the patterns printed by silk screen technology have a strong three-dimensional sense, and you can feel the bumpy reality with your hands, if you want to compare the types of products printed, the pad printing machine can be called that we should actively recycle waste plastic and make printing materials. Yes, whether it is plastic or metal, whether it is sporting goods or glass products, It's a piece of cake for pad printers. It is the high performance and low price of the pad printing machine that fully adapts to this highly commercialized material society and becomes a modern manufacturer. For example, Ningbo pad printing machine and Shanghai pad printing machine are both major provinces of pad printing machine production, providing machinery for the whole society

the development of pad printing machine towards automation is the consensus in the industry. This is not only the necessary way to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also the inevitable requirement for the transformation of pad printing technology from labor-intensive industry to technology intensive industry

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