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A preliminary study on the actual situation and development mode of China's recycled plastics industry (IV)

a deeper understanding of the industry will be achieved

discussion on the development mode of China's recycled plastics industry

I At present, it is difficult to produce large-scale renewable material processing enterprises

an industry needs to produce large-scale enterprises, The following conditions must be met. Therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost after raw materials

a. raw materials can be obtained in large quantities B. large scale production can be achieved C. There are unified standards d. There is a high technical content e. the industry threshold is high F. the profit margin is high g. peers can be merged or withdrawn through competition, and the actual situation of the recycled plastic industry does not meet the above conditions

a. a large number of raw materials can be obtained

waste plastics come from all walks of life. Purchasers purchase and collect them in various ways, and do not transport grain for thousands of miles Then contact the recycled material processing enterprises not too far away to purchase How to obtain large quantities of raw materials? There are many varieties and complex sources. Without certain practical experience and on-site inspection, it is impossible to purchase goods This kind of source of goods needs strict inspection even in our factory

b. it can be produced on a large scale

according to the variety Grade. Color is divided into different categories. At present, many processes can only be completed manually.

C. There is a unified standard

each purchase is different, and each time at the same time, factors such as sluggish downstream demand affect raw materials differently There is no unified standard

d. There is a high technical content

cleaning and granulation. Although there are many different treatment processes, the difference is not great

e. the industry threshold is high

50000 yuan can be done, 100000 yuan can be done, and onemillion yuan can also be done

f. high profit margin

over the years, many processing plants have closed down

g. peers can be merged or withdrawn from the private sector through competition There are a large number of individuals, which cannot be merged. Some enterprises and families invest in one-stop production and marketing China recycled plastics believes that this is the reason why it is difficult for the recycled plastics industry to produce large-scale enterprises

in the past, there were companies producing recycled plastic machinery that wanted to build recycled plastic aircraft carriers, which was impossible All combat units don't want and don't need to listen to the captain Because the captain can't actually bring them anything

II There will be processing bases of recycled plastics industry

in fact, there have been such places as Jiangsu Xinghua In Dongyang Huaxi and other waste plastic processing and distribution centers, in every corner of Jiangsu, there are Xinghua people who say that nearly 100000 of them are engaged in waste plastic

there will be processing bases for recycled plastics in the recycled plastics industry, but it is difficult to produce large-scale recycled material processing enterprises, which is the inevitable result of market economy From this we can see The development direction that recycled plastic processing enterprises should consider is: not greedy for perfection, making a kind of material, making a kind of material, constantly pursuing technological progress, constantly learning professional knowledge, and constantly improving the supply, production and marketing system Improve profitability! Consider how to become stronger in the environment of long-term coexistence of many peers

Second, more and more enterprises will gradually complete the industrial chain of the industry.

according to the circular diagram of China's recycled plastic industry, it can be seen that the industrial chain of the industry is not complex, and recycled plastic processing enterprises can penetrate into the field of waste acquisition upstream and develop downstream into the processing industry of recycled plastic products As long as you find a large number of products that can be accepted by the market, you can do the whole process of waste purchase, recycled particle processing, and the processing and sales of this kind of plastic products. As long as you control the import and sales links at both ends, you can significantly improve your competitiveness and profitability

obviously, this has many advantages:

a. examine the development of the industry and the changes of the market from a higher perspective

b. reduce the various marketing and transportation links in the middle

c. from the final product of the market to the purchase of primary raw materials, in this process, the quality requirements of raw materials, production requirements, product market requirements are very clear, and reduce various management costs

how do many of our developed enterprises develop, Or try to develop vertically Avoid horizontal development

the recycled plastics industry supplies tens of millions of tons of recycled materials every year, effectively solving the environmental pollution caused by various waste plastics and the waste of resources China's recycled plastics industry does not need any preferential policies with s=0.001mm. We hope to have a clear industry development guidance document Let the industry develop according to the market rules

relevant administrative departments should allow the development of recycled plastics industry and have reasonable solutions to pollution problems How to develop the recycled plastics industry scientifically and reasonably is a systematic project of the whole society, which requires joint efforts and in-depth research

China recycled plastics industry calls for China Recycled Plastics Association But the actual operation is confusing To really do well, we need a person who has the courage to undertake Have dedication Have a deep understanding of the industry and influential team to implement That's why everyone is here today We sincerely hope that we can build a core team and work out a work plan at this meeting And implement it carefully The meeting cannot be concluded Let's go back All the discussions and decisions are not listed below

because regardless of the external environment, business is business The development of industries and enterprises still needs to be done step by step

we should also give full consideration to many small and medium-sized enterprises in the recycled plastic industry Domestic recycled plastics and most imported plastics are actually recycled by them Although they are weak and small But the number is huge It is the real backbone of China's recycled plastic industry at present

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