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Discussion on the application and development of plastic wood materials (Part 2)

2.2 performance characteristics the main characteristics of plastic wood materials can be summarized as follows: durable, long service life, similar to wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic; It has excellent physical properties, is more stable than wood, will not produce cracks, warpage, and has no wood knots and twills; Various colorful products can be made by adding colorants, laminations or composite surfaces; It has the processability of thermoplastic and is easy to form. It can be formed by general plastic processing technology, with less equipment investment and convenient for popularization and application; Similar to the secondary processing of wood, it can be cut, bonded, connected and fixed with nails or bolts; It can be painted, and the product specification and shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, with great flexibility; It is not afraid of insects, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, small water absorption, and will not absorb moisture and deform; It can be reused or recycled, and the maintenance cost is low. Its disadvantage is that its toughness is lower than that of the parent material, and the processing equipment consumes more energy

the mechanical and physicochemical properties of plastic wood materials are similar to those of naturally grown wood, and the price is getting closer and closer to the market price of wood. Table 1 shows a comprehensive comparison between wooden pallets and composite pallets with a year-on-year decrease of 4.25%, 6.42% and 7.90% respectively. From the data in the table, it can be seen that the production cost of low-end products such as pallets made of plastic wood materials is close to the market price of wood, and other performance is also better than wood. It can be predicted that in the near future, it will replace wood more and more obviously. High quality plastic wood products also have huge room for appreciation

see Table 2 for physical performance indicators of plastic wood materials

see Table 3 for the mechanical performance indexes of plastic wood materials

3 market analysis

with the improvement of people's attention to environmental resources, the development mode of recycling economy with the recycling of waste materials and the comprehensive utilization of resources as the core has become the trend of world economic development. China is a populous country with limited per capita natural resources, which is far lower than that of western countries. Vigorously developing the technology of resource recycling will have a far-reaching impact on national economic development and environmental sustainable development. Using waste plastics and wood fibers to produce plastic wood composite products is a good project to meet this requirement

in China, a considerable amount of waste plastics and wood fiber wastes are produced every year. As the domestic market is still in its infancy, plastic and wood products have not been widely promoted in the domestic market. According to the comparison between the Chinese market and the market in North America, there is still considerable room for the growth of plastic wood composites and their products. It is expected that the domestic plastic wood composites market will produce more than one million tons in recent years, with an output value of more than 10 billion, and form a system of new plastic composite products

with an annual output of 2000t plastic wood composite products, three extrusion production lines, one granulation production line and other auxiliary equipment are invested, and all the equipment is about 2million yuan. The raw material cost of the product is about 3800 tons, the comprehensive cost is about 4400 tons, and the market price is not less than 5600 tons. If it is produced and sold at full capacity, the annual profit and tax can reach 240. "It is planned to use this kind of classification based on onomatopoeia as an exchange tool to deepen the relationship between the material supplier and the provided supplier of the installation method of the self-adhesive peeling force tester of materials" more than 10000 yuan

4 conclusion

resource comprehensive utilization technology will be one of the key technologies developed by various countries in the 21st century. Plastic wood products material is a new environmental protection material in the new century. It plays a very positive role in protecting the environment and the rational utilization of forest resources. The development of plastic wood materials as soon as possible will certainly bring better returns to enterprises. In particular, China's packaging and building materials production enterprises should take active action, research and develop various application properties and production processes of this material, and formulate relevant standards for plastic wood materials in China, so that China can lead the world in the field of plastic wood materials

Zeng Shanqi, Liu Chunyan, Wang Wenzhong, Ding Yi

(Shaanxi University of science and technology

source: Packaging Engineering, 2005, issue 4

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