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Talking about talent management in carton enterprises (Part 1)

talking about talent management in carton enterprises

talent is the largest resource of enterprises, which has been agreed by everyone. People oriented, having talents, respecting talents, managing talents and developing talents are the success secrets of all well-known enterprises. In the carton packaging industry, due to the many characteristics of carton packaging enterprises, both management and professional talents are generally low in the industry. These are also factors that hinder the rapid development of carton packaging enterprises in China

it should be emphasized that in addition to the overall situation of talents in the whole industry, each carton enterprise has different needs for talents and management priorities. Here are some superficial views on the talent management of China's carton packaging enterprises. I hope my colleagues can correct the improper points

talent type and professional quality of carton packaging enterprises

generally speaking, there are two measures to measure talents in addition to professional technology: passion and ability. Passion reflects the love of one's own work and enterprise, and embodies autonomy, dedication, love, and innovation. Ability here mainly refers to: 1) professional and technical ability. 2) The ability to manage oneself and others. 3) Public relations and communication skills. According to these two scales, talents can be divided into four categories: 1) high passion and high ability; ② High passion, low ability; ③ Low passion and high ability; ④ Low passion, low ability. Talents in carton enterprises can also be divided in this way, which is very beneficial to our talent management

as a production service-oriented carton packaging enterprise, many enterprises have very different organizational structures. Some enterprise departments have complete and complete structures, while others are flat and simple. However, regardless of the organizational structure of the enterprise, the following types of talents are required, and they should have their corresponding professional skills

production site management talents and their quality requirements

be familiar with the production process and process of corrugated boxes, organize production according to the process requirements and production plan, and have the actual operation ability of corrugated box production to solve the general problems on the production site. Be able to summarize the unreasonable links of the production process in time and feed back to the technical department to assist the technical personality to improve the production process and improve the production efficiency ÷ and the yield. Being able to count and analyze production hours and reasonably improve production efficiency is an important executor of reducing production costs in carton enterprises at present. In terms of management ability, I can set an example and have good communication skills. Be able to mobilize the enthusiasm and ability of production staff

operation skilled talents and their quality requirements

operators in key positions of corrugated box production are required to reach a high level. Master the role of your position in the production process, and be able to operate, judge and handle; The operation is skillful and the action is fast. The cartons produced are fast and of good quality. Operating the machine according to the production process can achieve high work efficiency. Operation skilled talents are very important skilled talents in corrugated box enterprises, especially in some small and medium-sized carton enterprises, their role is very obvious. For example, the head of the printing machine, the operator of the manual nailing machine, the operator of the flat panel indentation machine (commonly known as the tiger stuffy machine), etc., they need a period of time to cultivate, and the employees with high operating skills can quickly adapt to the production capacity of new products. Enterprise talent management should pay attention to these talents. Their stability and work play are directly related to the production capacity and product quality of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the working mood of these talents and pay attention to their safety

equipment maintenance and management personnel and their quality requirements

be familiar with the mechanical structure, electrical working principle and key points of repair and maintenance of corrugated box production equipment, and be able to formulate equipment repair and maintenance plans in combination with the actual production situation of the enterprise and the actual situation of the equipment, so as to solve the on-site faults of the equipment in time, and ensure the good operation of the equipment and the high efficiency of production. And be able to prepare corresponding equipment maintenance and repair manuals according to the characteristics of various equipment. With the wide application of advanced technology in corrugated box equipment, the operation of the equipment has become simple and the production efficiency is also very high. However, higher requirements are put forward for the maintenance and repair of the equipment, which requires professional and technical personnel with high quality and high education. In particular, the demand for professional electrical technicians is increasing. Mainly because some enterprises have introduced foreign advanced corrugated box production equipment, adopted many emerging electronic technologies and computer technologies, and many equipment instruction manuals are in English, so the quality of equipment maintenance personnel is required to be improved. It is best to recruit talents who can carry out technical transformation, firm and durable according to their own production process requirements and actual production

technical talents (including talents in technology development and quality management control) and their quality requirements

responsible for the structural development of carton products, the design of customer product packaging, carton drawing; Have solid knowledge of packaging theory, professional English ability, and the ability to learn foreign advanced packaging experience. Among them, quality management is the focus of carton enterprises, mainly reflected in the analysis means and statistical level. Therefore, the quality of quality management personnel needs to be greatly improved, and they should have rich knowledge and experience in corrugated box technology, and be able to solve quality problems with technicians and technicians. In addition, it is more important for senior electrical technicians and senior mechanical designers, especially those enterprises that introduce high-end corrugated equipment, to digest the technology of the equipment and reduce the maintenance and repair costs of the equipment through the localization and replacement of many equipment components

marketing personnel and their quality requirements

familiar with corrugated box production process, carton structure, physical performance indicators, carton configuration requirements, and the processing capacity of their own production equipment; Understand the market conditions of the industry, the region and the competitors, and have good customer communication and teaching skills. The reason why the market development plan can be reasonably formulated is that the polymer is composed of long-chain elements, which continuously improves the sales performance

purchasing talents and their quality requirements

understand the situation of the corrugated box industry and have rich sources of information. Proficient in the procedures and operation methods of bidding, negotiation procurement, limited competitive procurement and other methods. Be able to reasonably prepare procurement plans and bidding documents, organize procurement, and organize bid evaluation. To buy products with good quality and suitable for the production needs of enterprises at the lowest price is also an important link to reduce product costs

at this stage, the comprehensive quality of employees in China's corrugated packaging industry is relatively low, and the working environment of carton enterprises is not very ideal, so there are very few enterprises that really have talents who meet the above requirements, but from the perspective of the long-term development needs of enterprises, talents with certain quality requirements and practical experience are necessary. Therefore, the top managers of carton enterprises should first understand the role of talents in ideology. In addition, in many carton enterprises in China (especially in some small carton enterprises), the manager has given consideration to the work of multiple positions. He has rich industry experience, and the enterprise management and development are also good. However, with the further development of the enterprise, the function should be transferred, and a reasonable and perfect modern enterprise structure and system should be established

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