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Analysis: Apple may launch Apple TV at the end of 2012

it is understood that analysts predict that Apple may launch Apple TV at the end of 2012 or early 2013, rather than in the form of TV set-top box currently open by Google. Genemunster, an analyst at piperjaffray, an investment bank connected to the capital market, recently said that both equipment suppliers and apple insiders have disclosed to him that Apple TV is under development and may run Apple's IOS system, but there is no evidence that the TV will adopt the current iPad touch-screen mode

two months ago, the media dailytech quoted an anonymous Apple executive as saying that Apple's next product to be released will be huge, and the TV is in line with this goal. The executive disclosed that it may take the form of OEM production. He said that Apple TV will drive away other competitors in the current market

on August 28, an apple chip engineer who did not want to be named also told Caixin that it is very important for apple to launch heavy-weight products within two years, but he did not clearly disclose the form of the new product: "you are a smart man, I think you understand what I mean."

after jobs' resignation, whether Apple will launch other products besides iPhone and iPad has become a focus of market concern. At present, Apple's stock price reflects that investors are still full of confidence in apple

at present, Google, Apple's main competitor, has cooperated with Sony and Logitech to launch the TV product googletv. With the help of the browser, the main physical performance indicators of the talent club have not changed significantly. People can watch the network and TV content at the same time. It was broadcast in the United States last October, but the progress is slow. American TV professionals say that Google has divided the advertising revenue, but not the production cost of the program. At present, Google has planned to move to measurement and control system Europe. Ericschmidt, the co chairman, said in Edinburgh on August 28 that he would launch Internet TV services in Europe at the beginning of next year and hoped that the British TV industry would cooperate with Google to develop TV content

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