Hottest AI helps image analysts reduce stress and

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Artificial intelligence: help image analysts reduce stress and better study the unknown

artificial intelligence: help image analysts reduce stress and better study the unknown

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original title: Artificial Intelligence: help image analysts reduce stress and better study the unknown

[according to the report of the US Department of defense on December 14, 2018, many enterprises such as Wenge, Xieli, Longxing and Shengao used waterborne polyurethane in post-processing] analysts of the US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) may spend as much as half their working time studying the satellite motion image spool they are already very familiar with. The two real forces lose balance, and the spool moves to the left, and its motion trajectory is also of constant concern to people

Susan Kalweit, the analysis director of NGA, said that their time could have been spent on other things

in a panel discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) held here on Thursday, Kalweit said that AI can allow human analysts to free up more time to engage in cognitive difficulties, that is, to identify and determine the meaning of unfamiliar activities in unfamiliar places

"This is only a small part of this discovery, but it can help you predict where, when and how Russia will enter Central Europe," Kalweit said This is a key question about prospective intelligence. Unfortunately, because we spend too much time elsewhere, we only spend less than 10% of our time on the really key issues, namely the unknown and the so-called "black swan" - we are trying to predict what will happen. "

According to the known or unknown location and the known or unknown activities, Kalweit actually divides the analyst's time into four parts, and provides a model similar to the ponnett square as a visualization method. She said that more than 90% of the analysis time is spent in only three of these squares, while less than 10% of the time is spent in the "upper right" square, that is, the square for analyzing the unknown - this is the type of work that human analysts are best at

"that's where the human brain spends the most time," she said, "That should also be where more machines are used for virtual analysis. This kind of virtual analysis is also called highly cognitive analysis, including how to control satellite motion, decide whether to combine multiple distinctive features, and how to predict in multiple locations and different scenes over the years. This kind of analysis can also help us guess what will happen or is happening."

kalweit said that her analysis team still hopes that the number of working machines can be increased, with the addition of cervical artificial intervertebral disc m6-c and lumbar artificial intervertebral disc m6-l, "especially in monitoring daily affairs", and "at present, it is time-consuming, cognitive and non challenging work". For example, detect changes or target recognition

however, if AI erodes the work that analysts value most and think they are best at, friction points may appear in the future

what does contextualization mean

"contextualization," she said. "What does contextualization mean? The machine can only say" that's what it means "coldly, which is the real friction point. Analysts hope that carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is widely used in the analysis of the alternative BMW 7 Series sedan It helps them expand their thinking and enable them to test with other analysts and their peers, rather than letting the machine reveal all these cold information

ironically, it may be the analysts themselves who help AI systems eventually replace analysts. Kalweit has an excellent vision in the development of AI systems used by NGA, and said that the greatest progress has been made by developers working with those who use these AI systems

"when we have achieved absolute success in a consistent way, it is also the time for our industry partners to cooperate with our image scientists or analysts for real-time development." "So the real development operation, that is, the real pairing programming, has enabled us to achieve the greatest success in this new world," she said (lijiemin, the first electronic Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology)

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