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Analysis of compressed air system

the basic pneumatic system can be divided into:

(1) compressed air generation and transmission system

(2) compressed air consumption system. When operating and controlling these actuators, other pneumatic components are required, i.e. air handling components to purify compressed air and some air valves or directional valves to control the pressure, flow and direction of the actuators

compressed air generation system

each component and its main functions are as follows:

(1) the air of compressor

atmospheric pressure is compressed and transmitted to the pneumatic system at a higher pressure than that of Shanghai Tianma's on cell products and Wuhan Tianma's in cell products. This converts mechanical energy into pneumatic energy

(2) the motor

provides mechanical energy to the compressor, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

(3) the pressure switch

controls the motor by the pressure in the air tank, which is adjusted to a maximum pressure; When this pressure is reached, the motor will be stopped, and another minimum pressure will be adjusted. When the pressure in the air tank drops to this pressure, the motor will be restarted

(4) the one-way valve

allows compressed air to enter the air tank from the compressor. When the compressor is closed, it prevents the compressed air from flowing in the opposite direction

(5) compressed air is stored in the air tank. Its size is determined by the capacity of the compressor. The larger the volume of the air storage tank, the longer the running time interval of the compressor

(6) the pressure gauge

shows the pressure in the air tank

(7) automatic drainer

no manual operation is required to drain all the water condensed in the air storage tank

(8) safety valve

when the pressure in the air tank exceeds the allowable limit, the compressed air can be discharged

(9) refrigerated air dryer

cools the compressed air to several degrees above zero to condense the moisture in most of the air. This eliminates the water in the later system

(10) main pipeline filter

in the main pipeline, the main pipeline filter must have the minimum pressure drop and oil mist separation energy. One is the raw material force. It removes dust, moisture and oil from the pipe

compressed air consumption system

(1) output of compressed air

compressed air shall be output from the top of the main pipe, so that the occasional condensate remains in the main pipe. When the compressed air reaches the low position, the water will be transferred to the lower part of the pipe and flow into the automatic drainer to remove the condensate

(2) automatic drainer

there should be a drainer at the end of each lower connecting pipe. The most effective way is to use an automatic drainer to automatically drain the water left in the injection molding process that needs to be drained manually

(3) the air handling unit

keeps the compressed air clean and at a proper pressure, and sends the lubricating oil to the parts that need lubrication, so as to prolong the service life of these pneumatic components

(4 their performance will become better) the direction control valve

controls the direction of movement by alternately pressurizing and exhausting the two interfaces of the cylinder. This is a weaving system

(5) the actuator

converts the pressure of compressed air into mechanical energy. The figure shows a linear cylinder, which can also be a rotary actuator or a pneumatic motor

(6) the speed regulating valve

can easily realize stepless speed regulation of the actuator. (end)

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