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Analysis: a new printing machine for the photo market

HP recently launched two digital printing machines, one is HP indigows6000p printing machine designed for professional portrait output, and the other is an improved HP indigow7200 digital printing machine for mass photo products (including photo albums)

HP indigows6000p, which is expected to be launched in july2010, will replace the original silver halide 5 and experimental platform composition structure output solution. This roll to roll digital printer has an online laminating device. In addition to the traditional four colors of yellow, magenta and black, HP indigows6000p printer also adds light and light blue inks, so it can bring users more realistic imaging effects

w7200 printer has a color printing speed of 240 Pages/minute, and the monthly production capacity can reach 7.5 million. It not only has a new color management system, but also has an optional post press processing system, which can provide users with online cutting, stacking and film covering services for book blocks

professional photo printing is one of the fastest growing areas in HP indigo. In 2009, the installed capacity of the company's new indigo printer in the professional photo printing market reached a growth rate of 30%

christophermorgan, senior vice president of HP printing solutions, said: digital printing has made up for the gap in quality, productivity and consistency between traditional adjustment or cleaning and digital printing, and one of the advantages of this technology is that the load reading pointer also comprehensively exceeds the silver halide output solution. HP's solutions will accelerate the transformation from traditional printing to digital printing, and create more new business opportunities for printing service providers, publishers and photographers

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