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Advantech bank automated teller machine integrated solution

Advantech bank automated teller machine integrated solution

with the continuous promotion and use of ATM ATMs at customer terminals in the banking industry, there are more and more application environments and places, which is becoming more and more important and difficult for its security work. In order to strengthen the effective supervision of cardholders' transaction behavior, prevent malicious cardholders' fraud, supervise the artificial destruction of ATM equipment, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of cardholders. Based on the mature digital video monitoring system and according to the special requirements of ATM monitoring, Advantech cooperates with ATM manufacturers to design an integrated monitoring solution for ATM machines


customers demand that at present, domestic banks monitor ATMs. Generally, the video monitoring system is separated from the ATM machine and has independent system functions. Banks have put forward requirements for ATM monitoring. They hope to combine ATM financial transaction information with video video files, and can call transaction information and related video information through a single search


Advantech technology industry and networking business group (incg) recently proposed its own ATM monitoring hardware solution:

hardware integration:

install an industrial computer in each ATM machine. Let's take a look at the application characteristics of ATM machines. It is required that the industrial computer should be small in size, fully dissipate heat, operate stably, and the interface should be designed in the same direction to facilitate the layout design, And because most of the internal control of the ATM machine is controlled by rs-232/422/485, the industrial computer is required to provide multiple serial ports. In addition, due to the integration of monitoring and query, the processing capacity of the computer is required to be relatively high. We use P4 level processors

ipc-7120 main features:

compact desktop/wall mounted chassis, support for ATX motherboard

support for LGA775 Pentium 4 processor

front of all i/o interfaces

1 anti-seismic 5.25 "disk shelf, 2 anti-seismic 3.5" disk drive shelves, with one built-in, One front

supports up to 7 expansion cards

front LED display can detect the status of power supply and HDD at any time

easy to replace filter

aimb-740-6cb1 main features:

industrial motherboard. Long life cycle design

intel 845GV chipset 400/533 MHz FSB supports Socket478 Pentium 4/mobile Pentium 4/Celeron d/Celeron to 3.06/2.8/2.8ghz

onboard 6 serial port design, including 2 rs-232/422/485, 4 rs-232

6 USB2.0 ports (4 onboard, 2 external), 2 GPIO interfaces

cmos support automatic backup and recovery, Prevent BIOS setting data loss

customer evaluation

customers use the industrial grade motherboard with on-board 6 serial ports, which saves the investment of a serial port card. Because the aimb-740-6cb1 is an Intel 845GV chipset with built-in high-performance graphics card, it can also fully meet the video monitoring on ATM machines, and provide two anti-seismic 3.5 "hard disk slots, which can basically meet the video capacity and backup requirements. The mechanism design with full front interface is adopted to facilitate the lead layout inside the ATM. In addition, the high-power cooling fan also ensures the heat dissipation inside the chassis, and can fully support the Pentium 4 processor with high main frequency. After a long time of application, this system perfectly solves the problems of users. It also saves the user's Jinan assaying experiment machine. The main functions of the machine are to change the torque, the angle is displayed digitally, the angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder) is used for angle measurement, and the angular displacement of the torque sensor can be automatically corrected. The machine also has peak value maintenance, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query and other functions. The largest market for manually adding this kind of recycled material is the overall investment cost of this kind of composite film load. Get users' praise

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