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Packaging, as the crystallization of human wisdom, is widely used in life and production. As early as 3000 BC, Egyptians began to melt and blow primitive glass bottles to hold goods. At the same time, Egyptians made a kind of primitive paper from the heart pulp of papyrus to pack goods. In 105 BC, Cailun invented papermaking, In China, there are labels made of handmade paper. In the long river of the development of human history, packaging design has promoted the continuous development of human civilization. Up to now, packaging has not only stayed at the level of commodity protection, but also brought visual pleasure and value-added psychological enjoyment of the perfect combination of art and technology to mankind

as a packaging designer in the new era, we should endow packaging with new design concepts, understand society, enterprises, commodities and consumers, and make accurate design positioning. The positioning idea of packaging design is a design guideline with strategic vision. Without positioning, there will be no purpose, pertinence, no target audience, and the goods will not be sold, which will lose the significance of the new era of packaging design. Only by following the design law can we make a design suitable for the development needs of the times. Developed countries put forward the five w design idea positioning, which is very worthy of our reference and learning, namely: what? It means that the design must first tell consumers what the product is; For whom? Who is the target of this commodity; When? Where? It means that designers should not forget the space-time positioning of commodities; Why? It refers to why designers use such visual images for design

as a modern packaging design education, students lack the positioning idea of "five W" to a large extent, or the positioning is not accurate enough. Our students are not vague about what, who, when and what when making packaging design, but they do not have a deep understanding of why, which is precisely the most basic quality that a designer has. Students often don't know why they use such a visual image as a design expression element. They just rely on their feelings and think that the form is beautiful, but they ignore that the form serves the content. If the best form can't accurately convey the product content, it is also a failed design. In class, it is often found that students design first and then conceive, and then take it for granted to give it a design idea according to the design draft, which completely violates the design law. The design without brain thinking is never suitable for the needs of the market; I think it is because the students are not sure about the design orientation that they do it first and then use their brains. As students, when receiving the design draft, they should quickly understand what, who, when, and what, and then start the idea of why; Because the positioning idea of packaging design is closely related to the conception of packaging design; As a kind of image thinking, the whole thinking process from the first draft to the positioning draft is inseparable from the specific image. How to select the key points and highlight the theme on the basis of sorting out various elements is an important principle of design conception. In class, the students failed to fully consider the nature of the product when choosing colors, words and images, which led to the design of packaging boxes that were not suitable for the personality of the product. For example, the students were designing the packaging of Chenguang milk, and some students' design drafts seemed to be packaging pure water rather than dairy products. This was because the students were not sure about the positioning of colors and images and did not have a deep understanding of the nature of the product

due to the particularity of students' own knowledge structure, students have a slight lack of creative ability to form. When a student uses a form to achieve good results, many students imitate it instead of considering problems according to their own pictures and product properties. For example, when some students use the cartoon image of cow to Express dairy products in class, other students also use the cartoon image of cow, This leads to a single design style, but also makes students dependent and lack the ability of independent design and operation

in class, in order to enable students to find accurate appeal points, I summarized the following images that are often used in packaging design

I. take the image of the commodity itself as the main image. That is, the reproduction of commodities, which is directly applied to the packaging design through realistic commodity photos, can more directly convey the information of commodities and make it easier for consumers to understand and accept

II. Take production raw materials as the main image. This kind of packaging design mainly highlights the individual function of raw materials

III. take the brand, trademark or corporate logo as the main image. This kind of brand, trademark or logo has been well-known in the market, and it is easy to be accepted by consumers as long as it is further strengthened

IV. take the use of commodities as the main image

v. emphasize the characteristics of commodities as the main image. Such as milk can emphasize its pure white and fresh

VI. take the origin of products or raw materials as the main image. For example, Mengniu milk takes Mongolian grassland as its image

VII. Take the object of use as the theme image. For example, children's milk powder packaging can use children as the main image

VIII. Take animals, plants, flowers, etc. common in daily life as the main image

IX. take the special effect of words as the main image. Text is the most direct way to convey information, and it also conforms to different levels of audience groups

X. take the unique shading texture or pattern as the main image. This kind of packaging design should be carried out according to the nature of the product itself. For example, some traditional Chinese food packaging can use some traditional Chinese patterns. This design has more national characteristics

Xi. Take the unique color of the product as the main image. Such as green tea, brown chocolate, etc

in class, students often don't know what to use as the main image. The picture is very colorful and disordered. There is no distinction between primary and secondary. There is no sense of order. The visual effect is very flat. The appeal points are not accurate. They don't know what information to convey to the audience. Some students spent a lot of energy and made a lot of design drafts, but they failed to produce results. The reason is that the students did not have a good design positioning and failed to seek accurate appeal points according to the survey results. I think that in the future teaching, students should be guided to think more about the positioning of design. In fact, the difference between students is not too great, and there are no problems in the production technology. As long as their design positioning is accurate, they can design packaging suitable for the needs of the times, and can also be invincible in the fierce competition by adopting double space and frame potential structure

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