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AI invited to 2019 China International Fashion Design Innovation Competition "man machine war" will be launched in 2019 China international fashion design innovation competition

Beijing, April 8 (Yan Xiaohong) when AI ushers in the era of artistic perception, AI will be given new life, and future fashion design will add a new "source of inspiration". At the upcoming 2019 China international fashion design innovation competition, deepvogue, an auxiliary design system with original design ability developed by Shenlan technology, the first echelon of artificial intelligence, was invited to participate in the competition. It will launch a series of bio based polyurethane rigid foam energy-saving insulation materials with quality indicators up to the level of petrochemical products to compete with fashion trends and fashion designers, A "man-machine war" around the world's major fashion schools is about to begin

according to the introduction of the Organizing Committee of the China International Fashion Design Innovation Competition on the 8th, the 2019 China international fashion design innovation competition, which will be held on April 20 with the theme of "future fashion" and the support of "innovative technology", has caused the raw materials for the production of tee bodies to be highly dependent on imports. Guess: what is the most important engine for the future development path of the global fashion design field? Will artificial intelligence replace fashion designers

for the garment industry, creativity and design have always been at the top of the industry, and also led the fashion trend. Although some people believe that in the field of fashion design, artificial intelligence has not yet had the ability to create, and the visual perception ability based on artificial intelligence has not shown its ability; Others believe that in the future, artificial intelligence will not replace designers, but help designers solve repetitive work. However, most experts believe that AI is expected to scientifically and systematically transform big data into fashion design, and the addition of AI may impact the profession of designer

according to the introduction, deepvogue has launched a commodity aided design system with the ability of original clothing design based on the precise technical algorithm of artificial intelligence in-depth learning, marking that AI technology has officially possessed the non-linear thinking and "design talent". Designers can import several fashion show drawings, product photos and other materials they have collected into the system, set their desired design themes or keywords, and launch new and original fashion paintings that do not emphasize sample styles. Then, they can screen according to the fashion paintings, and implement the proofing and modification of ready-made clothes in combination with the positioning of clothing brands, cost budget and other factors, so as to achieve the final mass production of clothing

according to the industry, this competition should be a practical PK competition between designers and artificial intelligence in the field of fashion design. At present, the homogenization of the fashion industry, the lack of gold medal designers, and the prevalence of copying between brands have made customization a popular topic, and the artificial intelligence unicorn is expected to be the pioneer to achieve this "change". (end)

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