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Acquisition trend technology China CICA security achieves full market coverage

with the proposal of the national network security strategy, the information security market has become the focus of the IT industry. With the implementation of the strategy of self-control, the pattern of the security market is changing rapidly

in September this year, AsiaInfo technology acquired the Chinese business of trend technology, a famous international security manufacturer, and formed a new AsiaInfo security company, realizing full coverage of the operator and enterprise market

strengthen the security business of AsiaInfo

AsiaInfo is a famous solution provider in the domestic telecommunications industry and a leader in this market. With the transformation of the operator market, CICA released the vision of leading industrial interconnection in june2014, announcing that CICA has entered the 2.0 era. At the same time, CICA restructured its business. The original business was classified as traditional large-scale system software and service business. On this basis, CICA established three new business groups: big data, network security and Internet innovation

subsequently, CICA began to seek to expand its emerging business through capital means. On September 1 this year, AsiaInfo technology announced the acquisition of the Chinese business of trend technology, including the latter's domestic R & D team and more than 100 intellectual property rights

Hezheng, chairman of CICA security, said that the acquisition of trend technology's China business is a key step for CICA to move towards the strategic goal of being a leader in industrial interconnection. Under the background that the state attaches great importance to network security, this acquisition enables Chinese enterprises to have the internationally leading key core of cloud security GB/T 12444 ⑵ 006 metal material wear test method test ring test block sliding wear test technology and products, which will enable China to occupy an important position in the world Cloud Security industry, and has important and far-reaching significance for ensuring national network security and cloud industry security and implementing independent and controllable strategies

acquisition of trend technology China's CICA security to achieve full market coverage

in an interview, xuanxiaohe, deputy general manager of the security center of CICA security company, said that CICA and trend technology used to focus on the operator and enterprise markets respectively. CICA has done a lot in the field of communication security and big data security, while trend technology is leading in the field of cloud security. The acquisition has realized the complementary advantages of both sides, with a total of 88 product lines, more than 2000 employees and more than 20000 customers

integrating their respective advantageous fields

Tong Ning, the security business development director of CICA, comes from the acquired trend technology. He introduced that CICA security has its own security business, and has done a strong job in the operator's authentication system and security information management system; The traditional advantages of trend technology are content security products, including cloud security, apt governance, etc. Together, the two sides have expanded the business scope of CICA security and can provide customers with more complete security solutions

it is reported that CICA security will focus on three business areas after the acquisition. The traditional advantages of both sides in telecommunications and finance do not need to be excluded from the industry. We will continue to strengthen the customization development capacity and further deepen the industry. In the non advantageous industries of both sides, the brand advantages after integration will be used to realize horizontal expansion. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they provide safe operation services through cooperation with operators or IDC

after the acquisition, the sales channels of both parties are also facing integration. AsiaInfo was originally good at direct selling, while trend technology adopted the channel sales model. After the integration, CICA security will continue to retain its original direct sales team, focusing on large-scale software customization business; Products with a high degree of standardization will be sold through more than 2000 partners of trend technology

Tong Ning, security business development director of CICA, focuses on cloud and big data security.

in the Internet + era, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and enterprise mobile have gradually become the mainstream of the market. They are closely related to network security and will become the technical direction to solve security problems in the future. In order to reduce the security problems faced by enterprises in the implementation of cloud, mobile and big data technologies, CICA security has completed the integration of the original communication security technologies and trend technologies based on SPN (cloud security intelligent protection network) cloud security and big data technologies, and takes becoming the security technology leader of cloud and big data as the strategic vision

Tong Ning introduced that with the development of application technologies to mobile Internet, IOT, industrial interconnection With the development of cloud computing and big data, security has become the most important factor. No matter how high-quality equipment is, it can not guarantee that the experimental machine has the functions of automatic pendulum taking, pendulum setting, impact, sample sending, data recording and so on, which will cause failures. At present, CICA security has its own intellectual property security software and solutions in many security fields, such as network security, cloud and virtualization security, terminal and mobile security, apt governance and security services. By cooperating with 15 malware laboratories of trend technology distributed around the world, CICA security can respond to and respond to threats from all over the world

for the information security of cloud and big data, CICA security has put forward four strategies: accurately identify the security threats in the cloud computing and big data environment, effectively balance the needs of open technology and security protection, build security capabilities step by step, highlight the key points and improve the security mechanism

it is reported that the national information center and CICA security have reached strategic cooperation, and the two sides will cooperate in information security research, information security products and services, security technology outside government affairs, etc

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