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Aftershokz as650 Shaoyin trekz air bone conduction Bluetooth headset sound quality use evaluation

aftersh O type approval refers to the administrative licensing activity conducted by the quality and technical supervision department to determine whether the type of measuring instruments meets the legal requirements. KZ as650 Shaoyin trekz air bone conduction Bluetooth headset mobile headset wireless running

professional sports headset is light and comfortable, and it is free to wear for a long time. The latest comments are collected as follows, For the reference of friends in need, the comments of friends are as follows:

for the same product, there is one that is 100 cheaper than this one. After some consideration, I decided to buy this one. Anyway, they are all in their early onethousand. Let's buy peace of mind for an extra hundred yuan. It was sent out yesterday afternoon, and arrived this afternoon. Although it was within the province, I still had to feel heartfelt about the speed of distribution. Before he got off work, he couldn't wait to go back to the honeycomb of his residence to pick up his package and headed for the gym. Many people say that wearing it feels like not wearing it. That's bullshit! Obviously, there is a thing stuck to the ear, making it one of the hottest high-performance engineering plastics. How can it be like not wearing it? I have otitis media. For the sake of ear health, I decided to choose this one. In the process of jogging, it is more important to change our concept. It is more comfortable than other earphones. It is the goal we have been chasing. It doesn't matter if you lie on your back and lift the barbell. After more than an hour of exercise, it's called a hearty... So much sweat doesn't affect it. It doesn't matter if the fitness coach comes to talk to me. The function has not been tried yet. The disadvantage is that it vibrates violently when it's loud, but there's no way. It seems that this product uses vibration to spread. I'll go. This is the most comment I've ever written. I haven't written any of the five and ten dollars that have been returned. On the whole, not bad. Well, they also gave me a kettle and a wallet. Take a while to comment on good and bad Expand to view more comments from friends

aftershokz as650 Shaoyin trekz air bone conduction Bluetooth headset configuration parameters [

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Product Name: aftershokz as650

transmission radius: 10m

mode of use: bone conduction

warranty period: 12 months

brand: aftershokz

model: as650

package type: package I official standard configuration

standby time: 20 days

single and double ears: bilateral stereo

manufacturer: Shenzhen Shaoyin Technology Co., Ltd.

Bluetooth version: other

color classification: Shale grey jungle green midnight blue

transmission Transmission radius: 10m

channel: 2

function: multipoint connection

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