You who like Nordic style don't even know it yet.

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[Erica whole house customization] small white bricks, classic and versatile, are good-looking household secrets. If you don't know what bricks to lay, small white bricks will never go wrong. Different paving methods have different effects. Whether it is a large space or a small space, small white bricks can bring a simple, bright and simple feeling, so they are loved by more and more people and have become a small net red in the ceramic tile industry

about tile paving, before the figure above, I still need to nag you about the relevant knowledge of tile paving:

1 The best choice for kitchen walls is glazed tiles. Because it has bright color, good decontamination effect, low water absorption, high strength, and can prevent the growth of bacteria

2. The laying of ceramic tiles plays an important role in whether they will expand and crack in future use. Generally, kitchen wall tiles are laid wet

different small white bricks also have different pasting methods. The commonly used paving methods for square bricks are positive paving, oblique paving and I-shaped paving; There are three common paving methods for rectangular bricks: straight paving, I-shaped paving and vertical paving

no matter in the kitchen or bathroom, the appearance of small white bricks can always give people a fresh and relaxed feeling. What's not enough in life with a black-and-white kitchen and a warm light

if you feel that the orderly small white bricks are rotten streets, you might as well try the multilateral shaped small white bricks, which are fresh and do not lack the publicity of personality

if you think the small white bricks are too monotonous, you can also use black or gray to sew, and the effect is also very amazing





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