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French style pays attention to the decoration of buildings in nature, and emphasizes the natural return of the soul in design, giving people a strong breath. Open space structure, flowers and green plants everywhere, furniture with fine carving... All of them create a kind of pastoral atmosphere on the whole. Whether it's the delicate flowers in the bedside lamp pattern, or a slightly shaking rocking chair in front of the window, you can experience the owner's leisurely life and sunny mood in any corner

this is a French apartment design with a strong sense of art from Paris, France. Although the apartment area is small, it feels clean and elegant as a whole. The pillows, sofas and murals with gouache flower patterns can be seen everywhere. It is speculated that the owner may be a person engaged in art related industries, and his grasp of beauty is not strong

white tones are used in the room as a whole, and the color matching and change are realized by soft decoration. At the same time, partitions are made on the wall to increase the storage space, which is also a kind of decoration

the placement of various works of art is also very particular. The middle layer of the bookshelf is vacated as a work of art display shelf, which is full of humanistic atmosphere




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